Pony Metal U-GAIM (lost MSXII video game; 1980s)

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Ugaim cover-1024x730.jpg

Teaser artwork for the game.

Status: Lost

Pony Metal U-GAIM is a Fan-made series parodying Heavy Metal L-Gaim and Creamy Mami. A number of books, comics, and garage kits released between 1985 and 1988 (by Fruit Company), a 3-minute Promotional video/OVA (by Sunrise workhorse studio Anime R), and MSX2 game was planned. The series was very popular umong the respective fan communities. Other spin-offs where created through out its life time. [1]


ASCII was planning to release a game based on U-Gaim for the upgraded MSX2 and commissioned a 3-minute promotional video in anticipation. While the Animated Promotional video was being sold through General Products.[2] The game never saw any sort of release or much of an announcement. Screenshots and magazine, and comic blurbs hinting at the possibility of a computer game being made. Once the Animated Promotional video gained traction online, photos from foca_snark on twitter where posted of the unreleased game. He has been stated that this is all the data he has from the game.



3-Minute Promotional video.

kenny lauderdale's Video Essay.


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