Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4-D (partially found short film based on anime series; 2018)

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A poster advertising the attraction.

Status: Partially Found

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4-D (美少女戦士セーラームーン・ザ・ミラクル 4-D Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn: Za Mirakuru 4-D) was a 20-minute[1] 4-D short film based on the Sailor Moon franchise that played at the Cinema 4-D Theater at Universal Studios Japan as part of Universal Cool Japan 2018 and the first theme park attraction based on the franchise. The film featured Sailor Moon and the Inner Sailor Guardians in an original story. It made use of special effects including bubbles, projection effects, moving seats and splashing.

Among the merchandise created for this event was the Cutie Universal Rod, a light-up toy which strongly resembles Sailor Moon's Cutie Moon Rod and figures into the story, lighting up at two points during the film.

Plot Summary

The film opens with Usagi Tsukino wandering on the stage. An usher appears and asks her to go sit down, and Usagi tries to explain that she's searching for a youma, but she catches herself and leaves. The usher then reveals herself to be the youma, specifically Morga (as evidenced by the poster and a reading from Mercury's visor), now sporting two large film reels behind her , and pulls several buildings in the park out of the ground, including the theater itself, into space then starts sapping "energy" from the audience. The youma notices someone in the audience has unusually high energy, and Usagi runs back into view, only for Morga to trap her inside a film strip frame.

Morga then turns her focus back to the audience, but Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus arrive to fend it off. Usagi is freed from her prison and transforms into Sailor Moon, complete with a transformation sequence accompanied by bubbles filling the theater. Sailor Moon seems to finish off Morga, but she comes back and traps the other Sailor Guardians. Before she can trap Sailor Moon again, she's saved by Tuxedo Mask, who is then knocked out by another attack from Morga. Sailor Moon attempts to bring down Morga again with Moon Princess Halation, but it proves just as ineffective, though she manages to free the other Guardians.

The Sailor Guardians realize they do not have enough power to defeat Morga, so Tuxedo Mask pulls out a Cutie Universal Rod and suggests Sailor Moon use it instead. Boosted with power offered through the audience's own Cutie Universal Rods, the Sailor Guardians finally vanquish the youma. The parts of the Universal park that were lifted into space plummet back down to Earth, including the theater. Sailor Moon calls on the audience once again to give their power, which manifests as a flurry of hearts coming together into a giant heart that cushions the building's fall. The Sailor Guardians then leave, and Sailor Moon asks the audience not to tell anyone about what they saw.[2][3]


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4-D was initially slated to run from March 16th[4] to June 24th, 2018, but due to its popularity, it has been extended to September 30th[1], after which the theater was reverted to its regular showings of Shrek’s 4-D Adventure and Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic. There are no known plans to show this film again in any capacity.

As of May 2020, all that has been found are a handful of clips. At one point, there was a full audio recording[5], but it has since been taken down.[6]


A recording of the preshow.
Some clips of the film, starting at 2:15.
A clip of Morga ripping up buildings can be seen at the 3:16 mark. Another clip is seen at 4:32.
Some more clips can be seen/heard starting at 1:35.


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