Pringles Pony Express (found 3D Groove online game; 2002)

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Pringles Pony Express Banner.png

Banner from 3D Groove's website.

Status: Found

Date found: 03 Oct '18

Found by: Tomysshadow

Pringles Pony Express was a 2002 online game that ran on the 3D Groove engine.

Another game on the Pringles website, running on the same engine, was called Pringles: Super Spud Boxing, but unlike Pony Express, it is still available. When going back to the game's address on the Wayback Machine, a Shockwave logo appears but the game never fully loads.


Even though the game is lost, there is a plot written on both the Pringles website and 3D Groove site on the Wayback Machine. The summary reads:

"Buckle your saddle, 'cause you'll be racing through canyons and prairies to deliver those dang tasty new Sweet Mesquite BBQ Pringles. Gather up a posse and invite your friends to play along."

Possible Gameplay Features

From what can be assumed from the gameplay stills, it takes place in the desert of the wild west with saguaro cacti, buttes, and buildings as scenery. The player controls the Pringles guy on a horse, most likely delivering the Sweet Mesquite BBQ flavor Pringles from point A to point B, and the oats pictured could be powerups. It is unknown what sorts of enemies are present, if there are any, and if there are any other features, such as a time limit.


On October 3rd, 2018, LMW user TOMYSSHADOW (with the help of Ezone's Simon Edis) uploaded a MEGA file containing a large number of previously undumped games, including Pringle's Pony Express.[1]


Gameplay footage of Pringles Pony Express.

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