Professor Hastings (found "Sesame Street" sketches; 1969-1971)

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Professor Hastings

Status: Found

Date found: Various dates

Found by: Various people

Professor Hastings is an early Muppet professor performed by Frank Oz from the first three seasons of Sesame Street. His character was best known for boring himself to sleep with his own lectures.

Of the ten known skits to include him, the following is listed below:

Sketch Title Summary Status
Spinning Wheel A trio of Professor Goldfinch, Hastings and a wild-haired Green Anything Muppet drummer perform the song. Hastings plays the horn section. Found
Letter Y Professor Hastings talks about the letter Y. As usual, he drifts off and Kermit has to remind him what he's teaching. Found
Emotions Professor Hastings conducts a lecture about the ways people feel but keeps drifting off. Meanwhile, two groups of Muppets behind him pass by; one cheering for their winning team, and the others crying for the losing team. Found
Big and Little Professor Hastings talks about big and little using piles of blocks. Found
Exercise Kermit and Professor Hastings on the importance of exercise. Found
Body Parts Kermit helps the professor discuss parts of the body. Found
Two Trucks Professor Hastings talks and shows how two dump trucks can be alike and also different. Found
What's My Part? Guy Smiley hosts "What's My Part?" The contestants are Bennett Snerf, Arlene Frantic and Professor Hastings, and the mystery part is a foot. Found
Letter U Professor Hastings discusses the letter U, but in his confusion, he first thinks he's talking about "you" (meaning himself), then his announcer. Found
Pogo Stick The professor uses a pogo stick to demonstrate "up" and "down", and ends up jumping into a pond. Found



Despite the 10 skits known to include him, the original drafted script for Episode 0138 actually contains a 3-part skit involving the ET word family, with Professor Hastings doing a lecture and Grover carrying the letters. Because of Hastings' appearance in the script, it was rumoured for a little while that Hastings was in the filmed skit, but when Scarecroe recently started uploading screenshots of many long-unseen Classic Sesame Street episodes (especially for this skit) on Muppet Wiki during May of 2019, the rumour about Hastings' appearance in the final was debunked as it turns out he was replaced with Herbert Birdsfoot doing the lecture, while Grover remained intact.

On July 10th and July 31st, 2022, YouTube User RyNo84 uploaded the Letter Y, Emotions, Big & Little and Body Parts sketches to YouTube.

On August 16th, 2022, YouTube user Max Goudiss uploaded the Two Trucks, Letter U, and Pogo Stick sketches to YouTube. However, these three sketches were removed by the uploader only four days later. However, they were re-uploaded several months later by YouTube user Treble Gnocchi.

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