Project Velocity (lost build of unfinished Xbox racing game; 2005)

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Velocity title.jpg

The title screen for Project Velocity.

Status: Lost

Project Velocity was an unreleased racing video game that would have been published by Sierra Entertainment in 2005. The game was developed by Visual Sciences, a game developer that shut down in September 2006.[1]

In 2007, a gamer discovered a video game titled Project Velocity on a debug Xbox. The user allowed Andrew Borman, the headmaster of PtoPOnline, a blog specialized in unreleased video games, to test out the beta of Project Velocity.[2] The game was later uploaded online.


The game is very similar in style to the Need for Speed series, particularly the Underground games. You drive a car around an open world racing against several other opponents. The game, being unfinished, is very lacking in content.


A list of songs that would allegedly be featured in the game is available on the Videogame soundtrack wiki.

In 2012, Borman uploaded a video of the unfinished game to YouTube. This video contains music by Eminem (who apparently had six songs in the game; though at least one is featured on the menu) and the song "Courage" by Alien Ant Farm (which is playing in the background of the race, drowned out by the motor's noise).


Footage of Project Velocity.

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