Pucca Racing: World Bike Tour (lost racing game based on franchise; 2007-2009)

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Logo for the game.

Status: Lost

In 2007, VOOZ Character System collaborated with the South Korean video game company Gravity Co., Ltd. to create and release a racing video game inspired by one of VOOZ's popular franchises, Pucca. The game involved Pucca characters competing in scooter races. However, the 2 sites which used to host the game were closed unexpectedly, rendering the game lost.


There's not much information about Pucca Racing's gameplay other than that it incorporated various elements from other racing games, including ghosts, variety of tracks and power-ups. Players had the option to choose from characters like Pucca, Garu, Abyo, Ching, Santa, Ssoso, Tobe, Dumpling and Ring Ring. However, it is rumoured that Officer Bruce, Linguini, Ho, and Doga were playable too.

Players also had the opportunity to purchase outfits and scooters for their characters. Moreover, they could enhance their license levels which most likely offered benefits during races. The levels of several players would be displayed on the official Pucca Racing website. [1]


The game had a Korean server and a Thai server[2], each accessible through different websites. However, players needed to have an account on these sites in order to download the game. Unfortunately, both hosting sites are no longer operational, making the game impossible to download and it is unclear if the game is still available somewhere else.


The game's trailer.

An alternative trailer showing footage of the game.

Gameplay footage.

More gameplay footage.

More gameplay footage.

A tutorial on how to increase the level of your license.