Pump It Up 2010: FIESTA - "Let's Go Again, Korea" promotional event (partially lost promotional DLC for arcade game; 2010)

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Promotional poster for the game.

Status: Partially Lost

Pump It Up is a dance rhythm game created in 1999 by Korean arcade manufacturer Andamiro. The game uses a similar game style to its Japanese counterpart DanceDanceRevolution but with some differences, such as a five arrow panel arrangement instead of four arrow panels.

Since the original game release in August 1999, the franchise saw more than 20 game releases in the span of twenty years, including arcade releases, home versions and a mobile game.


"Pump It Up 2010: FIESTA" was released in March 8th, 2010, as the 21st arcade release of the game and the 10th Anniversary Edition. This version introduced more than 20 new songs, features, gamemodes and a brand new interface, replacing the old design that had been carried on since Extra, from 2001.

This arcade release only lasted for 10 months, being replaced by a newer mix; "Pump It Up 2011: FIESTA EX", which was released in January 22nd, 2011.

2010 World Cup Promotional Event

In June of that year and in anticipation to the South Africa's 2010 FIFA World Cup, Andamiro announced a special version of the game to be showcased in a promotional event[1], which included two versions of the song "Let's Go Again, Korea", the first performed by PSY & Kim Jang Hoon and the second by Brown Eyed Girls & 4Minute.

The promotional event only lasted for 3 days and it was exclusive to two locations in South Korea, meaning that no other country, location or arcade center could get access to the special content. These were the locations and their availability[2]:

  • Adidas Store at COEX Mall in Samsung-dong, June 18th, 2010, from 12pm to 6pm (GMT+9);
  • Atrium Plaza at Times Square Mall in Yeongdongpo, June 19th and 20th, 2010, from 12pm to 7pm (GMT+9).

To promote this event, Andamiro published 2 videos on their official YouTube channel[3] showcasing both songs and a single level for each, being a D15 (Double) for PSY & Kim Jang Hoon's version and a S3 (Normal) for Brown Eyed Girls & 4Minute's version.


Currently, no footage of anyone playing these songs during the promotional event can be found online. The only known content comes from 2 videos uploaded by Andamiro, which were soon replicated by players utilizing StepF2[4], a PC simulator dedicated to the game. Those original videos only features a level of each song, but the difficulty select screen right at the beginning of each video makes it clear that more levels were made for them. The other remaining levels for each song are the following:

  • PSY & Kim Jang Hoon's Ver. : S2 (Easy) and S4 (Normal)
  • Brown Eyed Girls & 4Minute's Ver. : S1 (Easy)

According to user davyn from Pump Haven[5], who has attended the event from the Adidas Store location, each song had "about a level 4 and 5 single" and "if you get all perfects on the easy steps you get a chance to play the hard steps", implying that the D15 from PSY & Kim Jang Hoon's version would be only playable after meeting the requirements with either the S4 from the same song or something else determined at the time. This same user has also provided pictures of the machine and the location, featuring one of the known levels.

Besides the event itself and the published videos by Andamiro, the company has never released such content in the next game update (expected to be in 1.06 at the time). Considering that only the two songs were available to play, a custom dev build was most likely used, and it is theorized that the songs weren't fully licensed for usage in arcades, giving them a reason as to why they were never permanently included in the game.


Psy & Kim Jang Hoon's Ver. (D15, Double).

Brown Eyed Girls & 4Minute's Ver. (S3, Normal).

Footage of Turkeyslam playing both songs and their known steps in StepF2.

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