Puppet (found Artie Lange film; 1999)

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VHS cover.

Status: Found

Date found: 2013

Found by: Dycaite

Puppet is a 1999 independent film directed by Felix R. Limardo starring noteworthy comedian/actor Artie Lange alongside actress Rebecca Gayheart.


The plot involves a woman named Lori (Gayheart) receiving a hand-crafted Russian puppet from her husband Rick (Frederick Weller) to celebrate their marriage, only to find that the puppet has been filled with smuggled jewels. It is later revealed that the antique store that the puppet was purchased at was actually a Russian Mafia hideout, the head of whom wants nothing more than to retrieve the puppet and the jewels inside. A bloody killing spree of newlyweds in the local area ensues as the mafia search for the right couple (now in hiding). Lori's personal demons surface during the commotion, giving the couple more problems than they can handle.


Lange has confirmed in his 2008 memoirs Too Fat to Fish that the movie was screened in at least one theater, as his manager went to see it. He'd also never seen the movie at that point, however, as its distributor, Xscapade Pictures, never commercially released it for unknown reasons.

Despite this, at least a few VHS copies of the film were apparently made, as the fan site rebeccagayheartfan.com found a copy and provided the cover and many screenshots at one point. Additionally, LMW admin Dycaite obtained a tape of the film and uploaded it online for public viewing.[1]


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