Puttnam's Prairie Emporium (partially found Canadian children's television series; 1988-1990)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Puttnam's Prairie Emporium is a half-hour Canadian children's television series created and produced by Bruce Edwards. It originally debuted in Canada on CTV for two seasons from 1988 to 1990 with a total of 52 episodes were made, but it also aired in the United States on syndication.[1] The plot involved that when the daughter Ellen (Coral Crum) and grandchildren Katy (Brandie Mickleborough) and Mark (Jeremy Drummond) have moved in a long-standing general store run by eccentric owner Mr. Puttnam (George Alexander).[2]

The other cast of the show are Ivan (Billy Morton), a scientist who developed a Time Closet in the confines of the store, Caldicott C. Cat (voiced by John Wilson), a saxophone-playing cat who lived in a basket on the store's counter and Benjamin (voiced by Rosco Bell), a talking beefalo head hanging on the wall behind the counter.

Sometimes in the 1990s, the master tapes were wiped by CKCK-TV. Only 7 episodes and a few minutes from one other are known to survive.

According to John Wilson's daughter, she claims that they have all 52 episodes on tape and has no intention of making them public.[3]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode # Title Description Status
1 "Origins" (1 | 2) Ivan works with a fellow scientist. Found
2 "Beefalo's Lament" Benjamin the Beefalo Head bemoans his future on the wall. Lost
3 "The Time Closet" Ivan's Time Closet accidentally sends Mark to 1905. Lost
4 "Young Puttnam" Ivan's time closet turns Puttnam into a 13-year-old. Lost
5 "The Reunion" Ellen prepares for the arrival of the children's grandparents. Lost
6 "Behind the Scenes" Alistair Pinch reveals how the series is made. Lost
7 "Nothing But the Truth" A time closet experiment forces everyone to tell the truth. Lost
8 "Practical Jokes" Mark gets carried away with his practical jokes. Lost
9 "He's a Wonderful Cat" Caldicott meets his guardian angel. Lost
10 "No Time Like the Present" Adult Mark visits from the future via the Time Closet. Lost
11 "The Christmas Visitor" (1 | 2 | 3) Ellen plans an old-fashioned Christmas. Found
12 "The Election" Mark runs for office at school. Lost
13 "Bloopers" (1 | 2 | 3) Dick Carp and Ed McMud present Emporium bloopers. Found
14 "Luther" Ivan's overachieving brother visits. Lost
15 "Changes" (1 | 2) Ellen and her children come to live at the Emporium. Found
16 "The Chain Letter" Ivan tears up a chain letter. Lost
17 Unknown Unknown Lost
18 Unknown Unknown Lost
19/20 "The Time Blip" (Part 1/2) (1 | 2) Ivan tries to bring Katy back from the time blip. Found
21 Unknown Unknown Lost
22 "Dinosaur Time" Caldicott concocts a dinosaur-raising scheme. Lost
23 "Origins" Ivan and the professor time travel to discover origins for common things. Lost
24 "Asking Questions" (1 | 2 | 3) Ivan decides to become a philosopher. Found
25 "The Dating Game" Katy and Mark think Ellen has been spending too much time with a new beau. Lost
26 "Bumps in the Night" Katy fears thunder and lightning. Lost
27 "Sparky" (1 | 2 | 3) Katy and Mark find an unusual pet. Found
28 "Remember When" Ivan's time camera reviews the past. Lost
29 Unknown Unknown Lost
30 "The Promise" Special episode concerns child abuse. Lost
31 "Cycles" Ivan's experiment produces an instructive tree. Lost
32 "Illusions" Ivan shows how the senses can play tricks on you. Lost
33 "Never Say Goodbye" Katy's friend prepares to move to Edmonton. Lost
34 "King for a Very Long Day" Mr. Puttnam leaves Mark in charge. Lost
35 "If You Could Be in My Shoes" A magic spell causes everyone to switch bodies. Found
36 Unknown Unknown Lost
37 "Peace Talks" (1 | 2 | 3) A new store prompts a discussion about fights. Found
38 "The Trunk" Mark and a friend rummage through an old trunk. Lost
39 "Dollars and Sense" Caldicott receives a credit card in the mail. Lost
40 "Black and White and Read Me All Over" Katy is bored at the thought of reading. Lost
41 "The UFO" Ellen thinks she saw a UFO. Lost
42 "Changes Again" Ellen accepts a new job and everyone prepares to move to Toronto. Lost
43 "That's the Way Life Goes" The children's father arrives with disturbing news. Lost
44 "Trouble With Katy" A genie grants Mark three wishes. Lost
45 "Everybody Makes Mistakes" The Time Closet breaks down. Lost
46 "The Clown" An alienated circus clown responds to the Help Wanted sign. Lost
47 Unknown Unknown Lost
48 "Mark's Big Brother" Mark joins Big Brothers Association. Lost
49 Unknown Unknown Lost
50 "Call of the Wild" Poachers kill Benjamin's friend. Lost
51 "Heroes" A down-on-his-luck superhero visits. Partially Found
52 "Career Moves" The children ponder their futures. Lost

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