Pyramid (lost arcade game; 1978)

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Manual photo taken of the screen.

Status: Lost

Pyramid (aka ピラミッドー, Piramiddo, TS Pyramid) was an arcade game developed and released in Japan in 1978 by the company "Sankyo". Not much is known about this title other than the fact that it is a clone of Atari's Breakout with an Egyptian theme, and that it had both raster and cocktail model cabinets. There was apparently a YouTube video of gameplay but has since been privatised. In 2014, a user on Nicozon uploaded footage from a camcorder of the game, but unfortunately, they only recorded the game's attract mode. A Japanese TV show titled Game Center CX showcased the game where the host briefly plays it until they get a game over.


As previously mentioned, this title is a breakout clone with some variations. These include both horizontal and vertical blocks the player must destroy, snake-like objects that appear between the blocks and the colorful bust of King Tutankhamun, and what appears to be hieroglyphics that can only be assumed to act as an extra bumper for the ball to bounce off of. The instruction sheet shows different stages featuring graphics of birds and a stage that bricks are lined up to look like a pyramid.


Snippet from the episode of Game Center CX

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