QTV-11 (partially found test broadcast of Filipino TV station; 2005)

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Endtag that always shows after promos.

Status: Partially Found

QTV, later known as Q, was a defunct Filipino TV network operated by GMA Network. Known as the successor of the failed Citynet 27, the network aired lifestyle and drama shows particularly aimed at women with a mixture of domestic and imported programming. Its flagship station was DZOE-TV, which was leased as a part of the partnership between ZOE Broadcasting Network. Q was replaced by GMA News TV in 2011.

Test Broadcast

ZOE TV-11 went off the air on September 1, 2005, as a part of the partnership between ZOE and GMA.[1] It was inactive as GMA upgraded and rehabilitated the transmitter and studio facilities of ZOE TV until late September 2005 (presumably September 25) when the test broadcast of QTV started. The test broadcast starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm.[2]

During September 2005, QTV’s logo was still missing, however, the next month the logo was present. There was also a news-like ticker with the word “TEST BROADCAST” below. Jesus is Lord’s anniversary live coverage was also said to be aired on QTV during its test broadcast on October 2, 2005.[2] The test broadcast lasted until November 10, when it launched a day later.

All promos have an ending remark with a voiceover saying, “Abangan sa QTV. Channel 11” with the Quality Television Powered by GMA end tag. The also-lost QTV Station ID/music video also aired alongside the teasers.


Confirmed shows that have teasers[2]

  • Balitanghali
  • News on Q
  • Women’s Desk
  • Liga ng Kababaihan
  • Sana’y Muling Makapiling
  • At Your Service Star Power
  • Rx Men
  • M.M.S.: My Music Station
  • My Guardian Abby
  • Fans Kita
  • Ginang Fashionista
  • Ultimate Celebrity Dancer
  • Laugh to Laugh… Ang Kulit!
  • Pusong Wagi
  • Ay Robot!
  • Candies
  • Moms
  • Let’s Get Aww!
  • Popstar Kids
  • O, Mare Ko!
  • Ka-Toque
  • Ang Pinaka
  • Balikbayan
  • MTK! (May Trabaho Ka!)
  • Day Off
  • Lovelife
  • Fam Jam

Miscellaneous plugs aired during the test broadcast

  • Jewel in the Palace MTV (aired November 7, 2005)[3]
  • Asian Treasures


Two known test broadcast footage are available online. One of which is a Jewel in the Palace teaser, however, have been edited in a videoke-style music video.[4] The second one is a camrip of the version 2[5] teaser of Let’s Get Aww!, partially cut in the end.[6]


Camrip of Let's Get Aww ver. 2 teaser aired on QTV's test broadcast.

Jewel in the Palace teaser, however have been heavily modified