RC Squared (partially found cancelled arcade game; 1995)

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The prototype cabinet.

Status: Found (prototype)
Lost (ROM)

Date found: 03 Sept '15 (prototype)

Found by: Brian F. Colin

RC Squared (also known as RC2) is a cancelled 1995 arcade game developed by Game Refuge and was set to be published by Electronic Arts.[1] This game is about a wacky, cartoon-intensive four-player Radio Controlled Vehicle racing game in which players raced through and disrupted dozens of densely-populated environments.[2]

According to the Game Refuge founder Brian F. Colin, they were about two months away from completing RC2 when EA coin-op folded due to the dismal earnings and sales of the Madden Arcade Football piece and they wanted to stop making arcade games.

On September 3rd, 2015, Brian F. Colin sent the only known prototype to Galloping Ghost Arcade as a chance to everyone play the game.