REC (lost English dub of anime series; 2007-2008)

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Cover image for the series.

Status: Lost

REC is a drama/romantic anime about an aspiring voice actress based who is in love and is based on the manga with the same name. It originally aired in Japan from February 2, 2006 to March 30, 2006. REC has 10 episodes with each being around twelve minutes long.


The plot centers around a working man named Fumihiko Matsumaru who is going on a movie date one night. His date never shows up and as he is about to toss the tickets for the movie away when the main character Aka Onda shows up and begs him to not throw away the tickets. During the date, he noticed that Akak is reading the subtitles out loud for the movie. She reveals that she is an aspiring voice actress. After the date Fumihiko escorts Aka home to find out they live in the same neighborhood. They soon move in with each other where they begin friends, but not lovers relationship.[1]

English Dub

Animax Asia picked up the rights for an English dub.[2]

A Redditor by the name of WaskNinja reached out to the voice actress Emily Woo Zeller, who voiced characters Yoshioka and Tanaka in the English dub. She did confirm via an e-mail that the dub "did air on Animax Asia probably sometime in 2007", but that she does not have access to the show.[3]

From the history of the Wikipedia page for the Rec (Manga)[4] The show has been confirmed to have aired on Animax Philippines by Wikipedia user Narutolovehinata5.[5]This information has been further confirmed on the now-defunct website called where a user stated "it did air somewhere around 2008. It didn't have many re-runs. If i can remember right, it aired on weekends".[6]

By looking at the capture dated 01/12/2008 of the now defunct Filipino website called the show REC has had 2 episodes scheduled so far, however the next capture dated 22/01/2011 where 14 episodes had been scheduled.[7]As the show has 10 episodes total, it can be assumed that the show originally started airing a short time before 01/12/2008 and a rerun has occurred in early 2011.

No footage of the English dub for REC has appeared online.

English Dub Cast

Only two people have been credited with dubbing REC in English. The rest of the English dub cast is unknown.

  • David Lee McKinney as Fumihiko Matsumaru
  • Emily Woo Zeller as Tanaka and Yoshioka