RWBY "Volume 3" (partially lost deleted scenes of anime-influenced animated web series; 2015)

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RWBY Volume 3 poster.

Status: Partially Lost

RWBY is an animated web series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. The story takes place within the modern-fantasy world of Remnant as a group of four young girls, who form as Team RWBY, train at a school for warriors in order to fight off creatures of darkness known as the Grimm.

Upon its release on July of 2013, the series was praised by both critics and audiences for its animation design, cast of colorful characters, unique fighting sequences, and engaging soundtrack. It would later go on to establish itself as a multimedia franchise with its series of comic books, video games, and novels.

On February 1st, 2015, in the midst of the third season's production, the series' creator, Monty Oum, tragically passed away due to an allergic reaction during a medical procedure, leaving a heavy impact on not only the fans, but also the cast and crew members who worked with him. In spite of his passing, it was later confirmed by Rooster Teeth that the show would still continue on with Volume 3 being scheduled for its release in the fall of 2015.

In 2016, following the release of RWBY: Volume 3, an open letter by Shane Newville, a former lead animator of the show, was released online, detailing his past experiences on working with Monty on RWBY and the events that occurred after Monty's death. In the document, Newville stated that there exists key scenes from the third season that were either changed or cut from the official release.


According to Shane Newville, while working on the third season, he wanted to ensure that all of Monty's work for Volume 3, whether it was finished or unfinished, made it to the show.[1] However, he had difficulty in doing so due to the decisions that were being made by Rooster Teeth, which involved many changes and exclusions of certain scenes that Monty had planned before his passing.

Deleted/Alternate Scenes

The scenes that were cut or altered include:

  • Team JNPR's match against Team CFVY in the four on four round.
  • A third look at the doubles round with Pyrrha and Nora facing off against Sun and Neptune.
  • Team JNPR's fight with Raven Branwen, who was supposed to have a supporting role in the third season after appearing in the after credits of Volume 2.
  • Yang's rematch with Neo.
  • An extended version of the confrontation between Blake, Yang, and Adam in which Blake was supposed to fight off Adam before Yang would step in and intervene, keeping Blake from harm.
  • An alternate setting of the fight scene between Ruby, Torchwick, and Neo where it wouldn't take place on top of an aircraft.
  • An alternate take of the final battle where Pyrrha would've fought more efficiently against Cinder. And in the end of fight, Jaune (not Ruby) would've not only witnessed Pyrrha's death, but also caused it.


Out of all of the scenes listed, only the Blake and Yang vs Adam fight was restored as it was later used for the climax of RWBY: Volume 6.


While some of the scenes are lost, the one scene that was infamously uncovered was test footage of the original Yang vs. Adam fight as it was leaked online by an anonymous user before eventually being taken down by Rooster Teeth. However, in 2018, screenshots of the animation were leaked onto Tumblr by a user named RWBY Convervations.[2] And on January 15th, 2019, clips of the footage were then uploaded to YouTube as they were featured in a comparison video along side with its restoration from Volume 6.[3]

On January 28th, 2019, a year following the Yang vs Adam leak, three short videos of unused fight sequences were unveiled via Tumblr by RWBY Conversations, featuring segments of deleted scenes that were not mentioned by Shane Newville.[4] Within each footage, they show a pre-viz fight scene between Jaune and Yatsuhashi, Yang and Neo's rematch, and the fight between Pyrrha and Sun.



Comparison video featuring both the restoration and the original test footage.

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