Raiden (partially found build of unreleased Amiga port of arcade shooter; 1990s)

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The intro of the demo version.

Status: Partially Found

Raiden on the Amiga is an unreleased port of Seibu Kaihatsu's 1990 Arcade shoot 'em up of the same name.[1] This version was developed by Imagitec and was supposed to be published by U.S Gold. Based on the MS-DOS port, this game was meant to be run on AGA hardware.[2]

Cancellation and Availability

The game was actually finished, even receiving reviews in some magazines at the time.[3] Ultimately, the game was never released. According to a user on the English Amiga Board, who claims to be one of the developers of the game, the game was cancelled due to the release of new systems.[4]

They claim to have possession of the original source code, however, missing the hardware to retrieve the source and assemble it to create a disk image. They have shown interest in releasing the full game, however, they have yet to do so.

A demo version of the unreleased game can be found online, however, it only contains the fourth level of the game. The full game has yet to be found and dumped.[5]



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