Rail Wars! Karuizawa Yori Satsui wo Nosete (lost build of cancelled PlayStation Vita visual novel; 2014)

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Rail wars vita title.jpeg

The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Rail Wars! Karuizawa Yori Satsui wo Nosete was a planned visual novel for the PlayStation Vita based on the light novel and anime of the same name. The game was going to be based on the light novel that the anime was based on. Originally set for a release in Japan the game was announced in May of 2014 with a release date set for November 27th, 2014.[1] The game was going to be developed by 5pd Inc. In the July 2014 issue of Famitsu, it was revealed that the game's plot would follow series protagonist Naoto Takayama and his point of view.[2] In August 2014, a commercial for the game which showed some gameplay was released.[3]

Development Trouble and Cancellation

On July 4th, 2014, the anime series Rail Wars! debuted in Japan, but the series was met with mixed reception toward the end of its run.[4] In October of 2014, it was announced that the Rail Wars! game would be delayed until further notice without any reason given.[5] In January 2016, 5ps officially announced that Rail Wars! Karuizawa Yori Satsui wo Nosete would be canceled citing multiple development delays.[6]


No gameplay outside of the commercial has been shown. In the gameplay that has been shown and from the what little of the plot was revealed, you would play as Naoto Takayama and interact with characters from the anime. Each interaction would have either a negative or positive effect on the overall plot.


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