Ralphthemoviemaker (partially lost web review series; 2008-2016)

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His YouTube channel icon.

Status: Partially Lost

Ralph Sepe Jr. is an American filmmaker and internet personality/critic, famous for his ralphthemoviemaker channel and for directing the short films The High, King Candy, and Lover. He has had a history with YouTube's copyright policies, with his reviews frequently getting demonetized. However, there are many videos on his channel that have now become lost due to various reasons.

Pre-2016/2017 Videos (2008-2012)

The channel ralphthemoviemaker has had a long history, dating back to 2008. Before the year 2016/2017 (exact date unknown), videos from his early years were still present, such as his reviews for Twilight, Only God Forgives, Old Boy, and many other possible reviews. Also available was his high school short film Paper Bag, plus a stop-motion short he made when he was younger. All this content was available on his channel, but there are also various other videos spread across his channels, such as a trailer reaction for Star Trek Beyond and other unknown short videos. However around 2016 or 2017, those videos were missing with no trace, and now the only earliest remaining ralphthemoviemaker review is Reasons THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 SUCKED!![1]. The first trailer for his short film The High is also missing. A reason has been given (although it may be unconfirmed or false) that Ralph has taken down these videos due to his disappointment with his earlier reviews, and an unconfirmed rumor has said Ralph may upload a handful of his early content, like Paper Bag and the untitled stop-motion short.

The Nutshack Incident (2016-2017)

Most infamously, there has been a feud with his review of the adult animated series, The Nutshack, uploaded around September 2016, and taken down by YouTube in November 2016. Ralph frequently tried to re-upload the video, one time on the adult website Porn hub [2], which was also taken down [3]. As of June 2018, the user skullcandy14785 has re-uploaded the video with no problems.

On December 26, 2018, Ralph reuploaded the Nutshack review, avoiding any mention of the name, instead calling it "REDACTED" in the title and video.

The Zack Snyder Review Incident

Ralph has a subseries called "Zack Snyder Reviews", in which Ralph portrays a caricature of the director Zack Snyder reviewing superhero films, such as Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad. There were 2 videos in the series, but in November 2017 there was a mysterious incident in which his Justice League review was uploaded, then mysteriously taken down hours later. As of June 2018, there is no official footage, but some snippets of it did make it into Ralph's review of Wonder Woman.