Ratchet: Deadlocked (lost deleted content of PlayStation 2 game; 2005)

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Boxart of the game.

Status: Lost

Ratchet: Deadlocked is a 2005 video game and is the fourth game in the Ratchet & Clank franchise to mixed reviews exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

While Insomniac Games had to develop the game, pieces of dialogue were removed, implying that there are extra levels and features that were eventually removed. However, the dialogue can be found within the files of the disc.

Hydro Girl

For a deleted mission on planet Sharr, Ratchet and his combat bots were supposed to rescue Hydro-Girl from the threats on the planet. Even though the mission was cut, the character appears at the end of the game.

Courtney Gears Hotline

In a mission at Sarathos, Ratchet got connected to a hotline related to the pop star Courtney Gears before getting cut off by the hosts of DreadZone.

Shellshock Second Battle

Shellshock was supposed to have more dialogue for his second battle while explaining that his real name is Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg.

Ace Hardlight

In the Ace Hardlight battle, he was supposed to use flash-bang grenades to blind Ratchet and a shield. Juanita later makes fun of Ace's busted shield.

Gleeman Vox

Clank explained that Vox is a lover of the Slugha pets. His screen-name was VoxxyLovesSlugha.

During the audio transmissions, the names of many DreadZone contestants are heard from the audio files including Green Gelatin, Iceberg, Captain Coldray, Nano Man and Bolt Logan.

Combat Bots

The original beta had Marc and Green with legs according to a 2005 trailer. Even though the audio isn't used, it can be found within the files of the PlayStation 2 disc.

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