Recess Special Operations (partially found Flash game of Disney Channel animated series; early 2000s)

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Recess Special Operations - Level 2.png

Level 2 starting screen.

Status: Partially Found

Recess Special Operations was a Flash adventure/platforming game based off Disney's popular animated series Recess, hosted exclusively on the Toon Disney subsite. It was notable for its gameplay and difficulty, which were significantly more intricate than most online games intended for similar age brackets; screens could feature as many as six hazards operating simultaneously, and most enemies could only be temporarily stunned, not defeated.

Game Levels

The game was divided into six levels (released week-by-week on the Toon Disney site), each starring a different member of T.J.'s gang trying to rescue the star of the following level. Most of these levels equipped the player character with a special gadget, and led into a boss fight.

  • Level 1 featured T.J. trying to cross the school's parking lot to rescue Spinelli from a school bus.
  • Level 2 featured Spinelli (with a water balloon-dropping R/C helicopter) trying to rescue Mikey from a closet near the teacher's lounge. Principal Prickly served as the boss.[1]
  • Level 3 featured Mikey (with a squirt-bottle of mustard) trying to rescue Vince from the school cafeteria. Hank the janitor served as the boss.
  • Level 4 featured Vince (with a trash-can "shield") trying to rescue Gretchen from the school gymnasium. The Ashleys collectively served as the boss.
  • Level 5 featured Gretchen (with her yo-yo) trying to rescue Gus from the school library. Miss Finster served as the boss.[2]
  • Level 6 featured Gus ("flying" on an electric fan) trying to reach the school playground, leading to a final boss battle between T.J. and King Bob.


Shortly after Toon Disney was rebranded as Disney XD in 2009, the Toon Disney website was closed down. While some of its games later resurfaced on various game-archive sites, all levels of this game except Levels 2 and 5 remain lost. These available levels - which completely lack audio, apart from the starting-screen music - have been made the subject of several Let's-Plays on YouTube.


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