Rev Limit (lost build of cancelled Nintendo 64 racing game; 1996-1998)

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Rev Limit title.jpeg

Title screen for Rev Limit.

Status: Lost

Rev Limit was an unreleased racing video game that was developed by SETA Corporation, a game developer that closed its doors in 2008.

Upon its announcement, Rev Limit was met with hype, as preview shots showcased some features deemed impressive for a racing game at the time, such as dynamic lighting and variable weather conditions during races. However, the game was delayed several times and ended up being ultimately cancelled, as SETA ran into financial constraints. During development, the game seemingly switched from having an Nintendo 64 base release to being a planned launch title for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, a peripheral for the Nintendo 64 console. It was also intended to be released on SETA's Aleck 64 arcade board.[1]

In 2016, Japanese YouTuber コアラ's GAME SHOW acquired an Nintendo 64 cartridge with a playable prototype of the game, of which he shared gameplay footage of on his channel. It is currently unknown if the ROM will ever be dumped, as most people in Japan don't dump ROMs of their games.


The game bears some resemblance with the earliest installments of the Ridge Racer franchise. It featured a wide selection of cars, which are divided into 5 classes based on their performance. It also included a variety of game modes. The tracks take place in seemingly fictional locations and their weather can be changed in the settings.


Gameplay footage from the found prototype.

More footage from the prototype.


  • The game's cars are directly based on real car models, however, they are referred to by their chassis codes instead of their actual names (probably due to licensing issues). Some of them have liveries which are also inspired by their real-life racing counterparts.

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