Robinson Sucroe (partially found English dub of French animated series; 1994)

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The series' logo.

Status: Partially Found

Robinson Sucroe is an animated series created by Cinar and France Animation that aired in 1994, and ran for 26 episodes.

The show was infamously plagiarized from an unsuccessfully pitched TV show called The Adventures of Robinson Curiosity, made by Claude Robinson; Claude filed a lawsuit against Cinar due to the plagiarism in 2009 and won the case.[1]

The show itself followed the eponymous Robinson Sucroe, who worked for a newspaper called The New York Herald. The newspaper’s head editor, Mr. Floyd, sends Robinson to a supposedly deserted island to write stories about it for the paper. The island, Crab Island, actually happens to be the home of a group of pirates, and also home to a group of shipwrecked people called the Everydays, who both want their existence kept a secret from the outside world. To keep this a secret, Robinson and his friend Wednesday work together to write untrue stories for The New York Herald about the island being too dangerous for anyone to inhabit. However, a famous reporter named Grumbleston knows the truth about Robinson’s stories and unsuccessfully keeps trying to tell Mr. Floyd about Robinson’s lies. From what the intro suggests, the show may have contained slapstick humor.


Currently, only the intro of this dub is known to exist in English. Intros of a Spanish dub and an episode (possibly a clip) of a Dutch dub exist, but likely don’t have any available episodes other than that either.

Robinson Sucroe aired on This.TV in the United States circa 2009-2010, but that channel no longer broadcasts any Cinar/Cookie Jar cartoons.


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