Rockman Keitai (partially found mobile game series; 2000-2014)

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Status: Partially Found

Rockman Keitai was a series of mobile phone games based on the Rockman (Mega Man in Western countries) series developed for Java phones using the i-mode technology. Some games however, were released for the iPhone and Android systems later on in the service's lifespan. These games were minigames ranging from puzzle to sports games, but the majority of them were ports of the original games either scratch-made with lower-res sprites or direct ports. The games were exclusive to Japanese phones until "Mega Man Rush Marine" was released for western audiences with a Blackberry release.

Due to the closure of the Keitai service in 2014, many of these games (along with other Capcom series' games) are now no longer available for download. The Mechanical Maniacs, who are an older fansite dedicated to MegaMan based content, cover most of the games in greater detail. They offer a download link to the games that were dumped at the time. The page has not been updated since 2010, and since then a few more games were produced.

A more recent Rockman/Mega Man mobile game to be shut down was "Rockman Xover", which was a game that mixed elements of all the different Mega Man spinoff games over the years. The game itself didn't receive much praise other than the novelty of the crossover idea, and thus the game faded into obscurity until it was shut down in 2015.

On December 27th, 2023, the Mega Man fan-blog "Rockman Corner" announced that many of the games had been dumped and preserved, detailing where the dumps came from.


# Game Title Status
1 コブン / Watch Kobun Lost
2 コブンが飛ぶん? / Kobun Flies? Lost
3 コブンが飛ぶん?Xmas? / Kobun Flies? Xmas Lost
4 跳べ!ロックマン - Jump! / Rockman - Jump Found
5 おしおきコブン / Tide Coming Lost
6 15パネル / 15 Panel Lost
7 ロックマン  バグスイーパー / Rockman Bug Sweeper Found
8 ロックマンパニックファイア / Rockman Panic Fire Found
9 ロックマン DASH ゴルフ / Rockman Dash Golf Lost
10 ロックマン / Rockman / Megaman Found
11 ロックマン GP - Rockman GP Found
12 ロックマン  スペースレスキュー / Rockman Space Rescue Found
13 ロックマン ロケットクリスマス / Rockman Rocket Christmas Found
14 ロックマン スロット / Rockman Slot Lost
15 ロックマン 2 / Rockman 2 Found
16 ロックマン ピンボール / Rockman Pinball Found
17 ロックマン エグゼ ファントム オブ ネットワーク / Rockman EXE Phantom of Network Found
18 ロックマン 3 / Rockman 3 Found
19 ロックマン 4 / Rockman 4 Lost
20 ロックマン 5 / Rockman 5 Lost
21 ロックマン エグゼ レジェンド オブ ネットワーク Rockman EXE: Legend of Network Found
22 ロックマンX / Rockman X Lost
23 ロックマンテニス / Rockman Tennis Lost
23 ロックマンDASH 5つの島の大冒険! / Rockman DASH Five Islands Great Adventure! Found
24 ロックマン 6 / Rockman 6 Lost
25 ロックマン / Rockman (again) Lost
26 直感! ロックマン / Intuition! Rockman Lost
27 ロックマンX2 / Rockman X2 Lost
28 ロックマンX3 / Rockman X3 Lost
29 MegaMan 2 (iPhone) Lost
30 MegaMan Rush Marine Lost
31 ロックマン ザ パズルバトル / Rockman Puzzle Battle Lost
32 ロックマンポーカ / Rockman Poker Lost
33 ロックマンポーカ / Rockman Solitaire Lost
34 ロックマンポーカ / Rockman Dive Lost
35 おしおきコブン / Oshioki Kobun Lost
36 組み立て コブン / Kobun Assembly Lost


RockMan GP.

RockMan Slot.

Kobun Flies?

Oshioki Kobun.

RockMan Tennis.

RockMan Tennis (2)

RockMan Puzzle Battle.

RockMan again (featuring Roll mode).

Intuition! RockMan.

RockMan Poker.

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