Ryan's Four (partially found medical drama TV series; 1983)

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A photo of all the characters.

Status: Partially Found

Ryan's Four was a medical drama TV series that aired between April 4th and April 27th, 1983 on ABC. The show was produced by David Victor and Henry Winkler.


The plot of Ryan's Four is about Dr. Thomas Ryan (played by Tom Skerrit) who is in charge of four interns. The four interns are the wealthy Dr. Edward Gillian (played by Timothy Daly), the intelligent Dr. Ingrid Sorenson (played by Lisa Elibacher), the working class Dr. Norman Rostov (played by Dirk Blocker) and Dr. Terry Wilson (played by Albert Hall). Dr. Ryan's superior, Dr. Morris Whitford (played by Nicolas Coster) makes sure that the interns don't have an easy time working at the hospital. While dealing with the interns and his superior, Dr. Ryan would also deal with the heartache that comes after his son (who was also an intern) committed suicide after he was unable of handling the pressure of being a doctor. The four interns have their share of problems as well, such as Terry's collapsing marriage and Ingrid's trouble of developing social skills.[1]


The show aired from April 5th to April 27th, 1983. It was never said why the show was cancelled. Since Ryan's Four lasted for 5 episodes in 1 month with minimal reruns, most of the footage from the series is lost. However, the intro of the show, as well as two promos for the pilot episode that aired during an episode of Thorn Birds, have been uploaded to YouTube. There are also some photos from some of the episodes floating around on the internet.


# Episode Title Premise Air Date Status
1 Pilot Unknown April 5th, 1983 Lost
2 Never Say Die A convict (played by Ken Norton) undergoing a medical exam makes a break for it; Dr. Ryan gets involved in the treatment of a mugging victim, an aging movie star (played by Sylvia Sidney). April 6th, 1983 Lost
3 The Choice Two infants need life-saving transplants, but there's only one donor; Sorenson treats a young junkie; and Gillian and Wilson scour the hospital for a lost dog. April 13th, 1983 Lost
4 Heartaches Gillian is intimidated by his surgeon father (played by Richard Venture) and abused by a patient; Sorenson befriends a lonely hypochondriac; Wilson is besieged with homemade remedies for the common cold. April 20th, 1983 Lost
5 Couples A young heart-attack victim doesn't think he can lead a normal life again; Sorenson's boy friend feels she's spending too much time with a patient and not enough with him. April 27th, 1983 Lost



The intro to the series.

Assorted breaks from Thorn Birds, includes 2 promos for the pilot episode of Ryan's Four.

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