SCP-048 (partially found original versions of science-fiction story; 2008-2009)

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Status: Partially Found

SCP-048 is an article written for the SCP Wiki, a writing community creating containment fiction structured around the framing device of "The SCP Foundation" a fictional Artifact Collection Agency collecting objects that contradict known natural law. Titled "The Cursed SCP Number", SCP-048 tells the story of a numerical designation that, if used, will result in the destruction or loss of the anomalous object attached to it. The article is a meta-reference to various poor quality articles that were written in short order prior to the current version of SCP-048.


Prior to its current iteration, SCP-048 garnered a reputation for being home to several low-quality stories written in 2009. There are five stories in this slot which were posted between January and February 2009. The first was titled "Joey." Joey was a talking dog with containment procedures requiring SCP Foundation workers to refer to him as "Joey" because he gets angry when called SCP-048 or referred to as an object. Joey was allowed access to most of the compound he was housed at (despite the fact he would attempt to escape if given the opportunity) and given any food or drink he requested (minus alcohol and chocolate) and “fully furnished living quarters, and any reading, movies, or television he asks for is to be granted, so long as it was released prior to his containment, in 2005.”[1]

SCP-048 was decommissioned on January 21st, 2009, at 2:01 PM by Dr. Gears, thus removing it from the SCP Wiki's main article list.[2] Upon the decommissioning of Joey, SCP-048 became the sole SCP slot open between SCP-002 and SCP-100. Dr. Gears made a forum post on January 23rd, 2008, noting that SCP-048 would be one of the first SCPs visitors going down the series list would see. He asked whether something special such as an auction or contest should be held, or whether the SCP slot should be left open as usual. Dr. Clef responded with the following: I say leave it open as normal, but whoever writes the new 048 better do a damn fine job. All eyes will be on them, and if they screw it up, their article will be deleted faster than you can say BALEETED[3]

The Edge of Twilight

SCP Wiki user "name" posted the first replacement for Joey on January 24, 2009. Titled "The Edge of Twilight" it was deleted less than 24 hours later by Dr. Kondraki. The deletion was performed by virtue of the consensus of the SCP Wiki's moderators, who considered the article to be "really poorly done."[4][5]

Note from 'name' following the deletion of his article; the referenced potential rewrite was not written.
Dr. Kondraki deleted SCP-048 and notes the rationale for the record.

A Normalizer

The content of this article is unknown. The author posted it without having a Wikidot account, so they were marked as “Anonymous (76.123.129.x)” when they posted it on January 27 2009 at around 7:54 PM.[6] The only record of its existence other than the edit history of the SCP Wiki Main List page is a reference to its deletion made by then-Administrator Dr. Kondraki in the relevant thread.

Dr. Kondraki deletes SCP-048(again).


Necklace of Greed

Dr. Gerald posted an SCP entitled “Necklace of Greed” to the SCP-048 slot on January 30, 2009; Dr. Gerald announced the SCP in the “New SCP Announcements 2” forum thread at 8:51 PM.[8]

It was deleted by Dr. Kondraki not long after, although the name would stay on the main list for a few days after the deletion was carried out.[9]

Dr. Kondraki deletes SCP-048 with gusto.


Cursed SCP Slot

The current article in the slot is actually a notice that the designation has been retired as everything assigned the number has been “destroyed, decommissioned, stolen, or otherwise lost to the Foundation,” usually with the mass loss of SCP staff through “death, dismemberment, and disciplinary action.” Based on the page history, Dr. Clef claimed the slot at 12:41 PM by posting the word “MINE!” He added most of the content in a second edit at 12:52 PM. Dr. Kondraki added an addendum about a “Vampyre Boat” at 1:17 PM[11]

This addition reads as such: Addendum 3: SCP-048 has been once again removed from the archives, after it became highly apparent that no such “Vampyre Boat” had ever existed, much less come under Foundation control. It’s currently believed that this error occurred when a low-level researcher attempted to save his “awesome story idea” to his hard drive and instead overwrote the blank slot reserved for SCP-048. The said researcher has been removed from any and all archival duties for the time being. – O5-11

The entire edit history of the Series I page is preserved on Wikidot; the title “Vampyre Boat” never appeared in the SCP-048 slot (nor for that matter did any variation of the word “boat” or “vampyre”). Further, SCP staff kept meticulous records of deleted SCPs on the “Deletion” thread yet no reference to the Vampyre Boat or any additional SCP-048s were ever made. Based on these two facts, it’s likely that Dr. Kondraki simply made up the Vampyre Boat.

On the current SCP-048 talk page, there are several SCP members who claimed that there was in fact a Vampyre Boat; neither these claims nor any other reference to the Vampyre Boat pre-date Dr. Kondraki’s addition. TheBlueSquid claims to have read the article and remembered it describing the vampires fazing through walls and stating the vampires “have a habit of being uncontained.”[12] However, this member was solely active in May and June of 2016; this is not an editor one would expect to have memories of an SCP that existed for a few weeks in 2009.[13]


To date, only one of the former versions of SCP-048 is accessible online. "Joey" is archived by the Wayback Machine while it was still the official SCP-048,[14] but also for being part of a series of decommissioned articles designed to make fun of the worst articles written on the website during its first few years.[15]

The other stories are lost, with the Wayback Machine not archiving articles being posted and deleted in such rapid succession. Wikidot does not save the article history of deleted pages, meaning for SCP-048 being deleted and re-created caused all previous information present on the page to be lost forever. The only possible avenue for recovery would be for someone preserving deleted SCPs in January/February 2009 to have saved them contemporaneously and then to have saved them from then until now.

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