Saints Row Part Four (lost build of cancelled original version of action-adventure game sequel; 2013)

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Title concept art

Status: Lost

Saints Row Part Four (also known as Saints Row 4 Prime, internally by the developers),[1] was the original true sequel to Saints Row The Third that was going to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, before it was scrapped due to financial troubles that Volition's publisher, THQ was going through. The version of Saints Row IV that was released was an extended version of a planned DLC expansion for Saints Row The Third titled, Enter The Dominatrix.[2]


Saints Row Part Four started development a few months after the release of Saints Row The Third and right after THQ entered into its struggling financial situation. The game would have been set in a brand new city again and would be a direct continuation of the events after Saints Row The Third. The plot would have revolved around Johnny Gat who had been killed off in the last game, being brought back to life by being cloned but the new clone of Johnny Gat would have been evil and would have brought back history's most evil people such as Genghis Khan, Cleopatra and even Joseph Stalin. These evil tyrants would have been the leaders of the gangs who occupy territory in the new city for the player to take out just like every Saints Row game before.[3] The game would have also featured new mechanics such as a proper dedicated cover system as well as a parkour system (which has been a feature that every Saints Row game tried to introduce). A fleshed out weapon customization system with attachments was also planned. Notably, there were to be no superpowers featured in the game unlike the final retail version of Saints Row IV. Saints Row Part Four shares a lot of planned ideas that made it into the final retail version such as monster trucks and a side-scrolling, beat-em-up mission.


The main reason why Saints Row Part Four was cancelled was due to Volition's publisher, THQ, wanting a game that would sell in order to keep the company afloat. THQ rejected the idea of Saints Row Part Four and opted to instead turn an existing Saints Row project and turn that into Saints Row IV. So Volition turned an in-development DLC expansion pack for Saints Row The Third titled Enter The Dominatrix and quickly turned that into Saints Row IV. This new Saints Row IV added new elements such as superpowers and more referential humor to sci-fi and pop culture. Another reason why Saints Row Part Four was cancelled was due to the amount of work it was going to take to create the game whilst the next generation of consoles would be releasing around the same time. It would have been a bad decision financially to release a brand new game for outdated hardware. The final version of Saints Row IV retains barely any of the story ideas or plot from Saints Row Part Four and recycles a lot of assets from Saints Row The Third which is expected as it is essentially a DLC pack turned into a full game.

There is no playable version of any of these ideas besides assets left over in E3 versions of Saints Row The Third and pitch videos made for internal use only which was shown in Volition's developer live streams.