Salomy Jane (found Western silent film; 1914)

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Status: Found

Date found: 1996

Found by: Unknown

Salomy Jane is a 1914 western film based on the 1889 short novel, Salomy Jane's Kiss written by Bret Harte. It is notable for being the first silent film starring Beatriz Michelena, and is the only silent film with Michelena that survived to this day. It is also the only surviving film from the California Motion Picture Corporation.[1]


The film is about Salomy Jane being rescued by Jack Dart from a ruffian's sexual advances. After Dart kills the ruffian, he runs for the law for being falsely accused of a crime. Jane comes to the rescue, saving Dart from being lynched for the crime.


The California Motion Picture Corporation's Martin County studio, which stored their films, caught fire in 1931, and all prints and negatives in it were caught in the flames, including Salomy Jane.[1] However, a print of the film was found in Australia in 1996, which was believed to be the only surviving copy at the time.[1] The film was sent to the Library Of Congress in the United States, and was restored in 2011, releasing on Treasures 5: The West 1898-1938, a DVD set of 40 movies from 1898 to 1938 set in the Wild West, made by the National Film Preservation Foundation.[2] The movie was screened on September 30th, 2012 in the Rafael Film Center in San Rafael.[1]


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