Sanford and Son (partially lost spin-off series of NBC sitcom; 1972-1977)

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Sanford and son dvd cover.jpg

Dvd cover of the main show's second season.

Status: Partially Lost

Sanford and Son was a 1972-1977 series based on the British sitcom Steptoe and Son. The show was hailed as the precursor to many other African American sitcoms and was a rating hit throughout its six-season run. It was continued by three different spin-off show attempts, in which all three have lost episodes.


The first was called Grady where actor Whitman Mayo played his old man character of the same name as the series focused on his family. It lasted for 10 episodes during 1975-1976 and was canceled thereafter.

The second was called Sanford Arms made in 1977 starring Theodore Wilson as an old friend of Fred Sanford who bought the old house and rooming board from the original series in order to turn it into a hotel. The show ran for only four episodes after being cancelled with four others left being unaired.[1]

The third was a revival of the original series simply called Sanford because actor Demond Wilson did not wish to reprise his role as Lamont Sanford while Red Foxx did as Fred. It lasted two seasons with 26 episodes.


All 10 episodes of Grady and 24 episodes of Sanford are available on the Canadian network CTV Television Network's streaming services as of 2021. They are only available to watch in Canada[2][3]

In 2022, All episodes of Sanford became available to stream for free on Tubi. The only series from the trilogy that is lost is the second series, entitled Sanford Arms.


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