Sasano Ami・Akiyoshi Mirai "Bishōjo Densetsu Lovegenic" (unreleased gravure idol DVD; 2016)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its risqué subject matter.

Bishōjo Densetsu Lovegenic.jpg

The only known promotional photo for the DVD. To the left is Ami Sasano, to the right is Mirai Akiyoshi.

Status: Lost

Sasano Ami・Akiyoshi Mirai "Bishōjo Densetsu Lovegenic" (佐々野愛美・秋吉美来『美少女伝説 Lovegenic』) is a Japanese gravure DVD starring the idols Ami Sasano and Mirai Akiyoshi that was to be published by Spice Visual. It had the DVD code MMR-AK062 and a scheduled release date of October 28th, 2016.[1]

However, at some point, the Spice Visual site and retail sites removed the product listing page. It seems no explanation was given for the DVD's cancellation, and Spice Visual no longer references the product at all, with its DVD line continuing with DVD codes MMR-AK063 and beyond and a DVD with the code MMR-AK062 inexplicably missing.

Content[edit | edit source]

All that's known about the content of the video is the summary provided at Spice Visual's now-removed product page[1] and a single promotional photo that was released.[2] The summary (in Japanese) is as follows:

"ファッションブランドSorellaで活躍中であり美少女伝説で大人気の【佐々野愛美】ちゃん、【秋吉美来】ちゃんの共演DVDが発売されます!メイドの可愛い衣装で飛び跳ねたり、Sorellaの洋服や水着を着てファッションポイントを教えてくれたり、青とピンクのチューブトップの衣装ではリンボーダンスで勝負!どちらが勝つかは見てのお楽しみとして。そして光沢のある競泳水着で一変しかっこいい姿を見せてくれたり、おっとり愛美ちゃんと恥ずかしがりやの美来ちゃんとでいろんなことに挑戦中です!ピチピチのナイススタイルの2人はあなたを巡って取り合いに‼︎ さあ、あなたならどちら⁈"

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Ami Sasano's career continues to flourish to this day, with at least a couple DVDs a year, and she has recently ventured into photobooks. Mirai Akiyoshi's career, however, seems to have abruptly ended with the DVD's cancellation. One Twitter fan mentioned that she hadn't tweeted since the end of October 2016 (the same time period the DVD would have been released),[3] and her Twitter account is currently suspended.[4] Her last known activity was holding an event on October 30, 2016, to promote a solo DVD, MMR-AK055 Bishōjo Densetsu Mirachi~yu (美少女伝説 ミラちゅ), despite that DVD having been released the previous month and already having a promotion event at the time of its release.[5]

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