Scribblevision (partially lost series of Nickelodeon flash games; 2003)

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A screenshot of one of the games.

Status: Partially Lost

In 2003, a company called Funny Garbage partnered with Noggin to create a game called Scribblevision. It was advertised as a "virtual coloring book" that allowed young players to color pictures and see their artwork become animated. The game remained on the Noggin and Nick Jr. websites until November 2009, when they were merged together and old webgames were removed.


The game was designed and developed by Funny Garbage.[1] Thirteen different artboards were released in the series, including a Moose and Zee artboard, an Oobi artboard, a Franklin artboard, and generic Scribblevision coloring books for each of the four seasons.[2]

According to Colin Holgate, a Funny Garbage ex-employee, the internal name for the game was Colormate because it was a trend around this time period to add "mate" as a suffix to the names of software utilities. The game won first place in the "Brand Image and Positioning" category at the 21st Annual Mark Awards.[3]


Each artboard requires its own anim.dcr, splash.jpg and start.jpg files. None of these were saved by Wayback until 2011, by which point Noggin redirected to Nick Jr. The Scribblevision game resurfaced when it was included in BlueMaxima's Flashpoint starting with version 9.0. Although some files are missing, the game is partially playable.[4]

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