Scripps Home/Lifestyle Networks on 9/11 (partially found footage of program suspension; 2001)

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A High-quality image of the suspension.

Status: Partially Found

On September 11th, 2001, the E.W. Scripps Company temporarily suspended programming on HGTV, DIY Network and Food Network after the infamous September 11 terrorist attacks. It suspended normal programming with a slide saying "Due to the nature of today's tragic events *insert either Food Network, HGTV or DIY Network* is suspending programming. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families." while the music Landscapes - De Wolfe was playing.

While most reports seem to suggest that this suspension lasted one day, a single photo of the Food Network slide saying "Due to the nature of Tuesday's tragic events, Food Network is suspending programming. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families.", that resurfaced on a 9/11 archive website in January 2019 seems to suggest that programming was suspended for at least another day following the attacks, with reports on the length of the suspension differing between only into September 12 or 13 while others have claimed that programming was suspended for several days after the attack.

Numerous short clips of the program suspension exist on YouTube. However, the Food Network and HGTV suspensions are usually brief portions of a much larger channel surf during 9/11, with the DIY Network[1] not having any surviving video footage, although an image showing the suspension screen emerged in June 2022. Although little footage exists of the Food Network suspension in general, a 4-minute clip of the suspension from an unknown time frame does exist on the internet., unlike the HGTV version, which was uploaded in a longer video capturing the start of the suspension on August 20, 2018. Footage of Food Network in between 12:30-1:30 PM Eastern Time on September 11th is believed to exist as part of 9/11 channel surfs. It is believed that all three of the Scripps networks suspended programming at exactly 1:00 PM Eastern Time with the HGTV suspension of "Appraise It!". It has been stated that Food Network was likely airing reruns of "Two Fat Ladies" when the suspension took place, although this hasn't been confirmed.

It is unknown how long the Food Network suspension was. However, the HGTV suspension was captured as it started. On September 2, 2020, a 4-minute VHS clip of the Food Network suspension was posted onto YouTube, however, unlike the HGTV clip it did not show how the suspension started. On June 7, 2022, a image purportedly showing the DIY Network suspension screen was uploaded to Lost Media Wiki, although further information on the suspensions on both DIY and Food Networks remain scarce at best. The Food Network suspension has since been privated and no back ups have resurfaced

Canadian networks

What happened on the television networks operated by Scripps in Canada remains largely unknown, although it has been claimed by several people that the Canadian equivalents of HGTV and Food Network suspended programming in a similar fashion to their equivalents in the United States, although there has not been any substantiated evidence for this and therefore these claims cannot be confirmed.


Status of the Scripps Home/Lifestyle Networks suspension screens on 9/11
Network Start of suspension Initial text Updated text* Overall status
HGTV Found Found Lost Partially Lost
DIY Network Lost Found Lost Partially Found
Food Network Lost Found Found Partially Lost
Food Network (Canada) Lost Lost Lost Existence unconfirmed
HGTV (Canada) Lost Lost Lost Existence unconfirmed

* = Updated text refers to the graphic with the initial text changed to say "Tuesday's tragic events", likely shown starting on September 12.


The HGTV suspension as it happened

Low-quality footage of the Food Network suspension

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