Seasons of Your Day (lost unreleased recordings from Mazzy Star album; 1997-2013)

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Seasons of Your Day album art.

Status: Lost

Mazzy Star is an alternative rock/shoegazing/dream-pop band who found their biggest success in 1994 with their song "Fade Into You," from their second album, So Tonight That I Might See. Their albums have achieved general critical acclaim, and they are considered darlings of the dream-pop movement.

In 1996, after their third album, Among My Swan, was released, the band separated from their record contract because of a lack of creative freedom. After the separation, they recorded scattered tracks for their fourth album, Seasons of Your Day spread around dozens of sessions from 1997 to as late as 2013. Many of these tracks contained the final recordings of some underground musicians before their deaths (this was completely coincidental, of course). Due to financial problems and laziness from the band, the album didn't see a release, official or unofficial, until 2013.

While the album has a completed form, the scattered recording sessions produced a treasure trove of original tracks that fans have a massive interest in hearing.[1] Some of these recordings have guest appearances that affect other musician fanbases as well. Somehow, despite the digital age yielding the high possibility of the tracks being leaked, these tracks remain only in lead guitarist David Robak's possession.

Robak has actually been asked about the matter, stating that the tracks will not be released during his, or any of the other band members' lifetimes.[2] This has saddened and angered many fans, as some feel like it's Robak raising his middle finger. Others respected Robak's wishes and are happy with the album as it stands. Robak died in 2020; as yet it is unknown what this means for these tracks.

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