Sega Swirl 2 (lost GameTap exclusive puzzle game; 2006)

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Sega swirl 2.jpg

Title screen.

Status: Lost

Sega Swirl 2 was a 2006 sequel to the popular Sega Swirl puzzle game created by Scott Hawkins. The game released exclusively on the GameTap platform in 2006.

Since GameTap's shutdown, the game has not been dumped publicly online.


Sega Swirl 2 was a simple matching colors puzzle game where the player would have to match group the colored swirls into the largest possible groupings for the maximum possible points. The better the player grouped the swirls the more points they would receive, at the end of each round it would be decided if the player could continue playing based on points, time and number of moves. Sega Swirl 2 included numerous bonus game modes[1] and holiday themed puzzle maps which were a new addition to the Sega Swirl series.[2]

To also tie-in with the game, a CD was released by the band Kynetic, who did the music for Sega Swirl 2. The CD featured all of the music from the game, as well as two bonus tracks unheard in the game. Two samples of songs from the CD have been released, however the rest of the music's whereabouts are unknown.[3]


The game released exclusively on the GameTap platform as a downloadable title in 2006. In 2010, the GameTap service was shut down. With this shutdown, Sega Swirl 2 became unavailable for download and there has been no public release of the game since.

In 2017, the game was released privately to a YouTube user known as Slopes Game Room. Thanks to this, new gameplay footage has been captured and uploaded to YouTube. Despite this, the game still cannot be played, as Slopes Game Room (or anyone else) has not released the game in any form.




Sega Swirl 2 gameplay.

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