Sentimental Tommy (partially found silent drama film; 1921)

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Sentimental Tommy (1921) poster.jpg

A rare lantern slide for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Sentimental Tommy is a 1921 American silent drama film based on the 1896 novel by Peter Pan author J. M. Barrie which has previously been adapted as a short film in 1915 which is also lost.[1] It was directed by John S. Robertson and released by Paramount Pictures in March 27, 1921.[2] Mary Astor appeared in the film, although her scenes were cut before the film's release.

This film made a star of Gareth Hughes, as he claimed that it is his best role.


The film centers the people of Thrums ostracize Grizel, a child of 12, and her mother, known as The Painted Lady until newcomer Tommy Sandys, a highly imaginative boy, comes to the girl's rescue and they become inseparable friends. Six years later, Tommy returns from London, where he has achieved success as an author and finds that Grizel still loves him. In a sentimental gesture he proposes, but she, realizing that he does not love her, rejects him.

In London, Tommy is lionized by Lady Pippinworth, and he follows her to Switzerland. Having lost her mother and believing that Tommy needs her, Grizel comes to him but is overcome by grief to see his love for Lady Pippinworth. Remorseful, Tommy returns home, and after his careful nursing Grizel regains her sanity.[3]


The film only survives as stills, an excerpt from the 1931 promotional film The House That Shadows Built, and newspaper advertisements.


The only known footage of the film (9:12-9:19).

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