Serious (partially found unreleased Gwen Stefani music video; mid-2000s)

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A low-quality screenshot of the music video, taken from the uploaded footage.

Status: Partially Found

Gwen Stefani is the lead vocalist for the American rock-ska band, No Doubt, and is an award-winning songwriter and singer in her solo career arguably famous for her notable hits such as "Hollaback Girl" and "The Sweet Escape" in the 2000s. In the midst of the band's first hiatus, Stefani was working on releasing her first studio debut album in her solo career, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby", in 2004[1] .The album, later on, had critical and massive commercial success[2], launching her career further.

The album featured her famous singles, "What You Waiting For?" and her immensely popular song, "Hollaback Girl". One of the songs in her album, entitled "Serious", had an accompanying music video, but was never released.[3]


Her album, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby", incorporated and was influenced by the 80s-inspired pop, rock, and dance genres in their sounds and lyrics, and her song "Serious" is in no exception. It features a heavy influence and nod to Madonna, Club Noveau, and the like, and was generally liked and favored by audiences and critics alike.[4][5][6]

A music video was then accompanied to be with the song. The music video features a heavy throwback and influence to '80s dance music videos.[3][7]


A leaked minute of the music video was posted on YouTube by nodoubterchris on October 14th, 2006. It remains the only footage for the unreleased music video., albeit in low quality. This was then later shared and talked about on various sites and articles[3][7].

The video also contained the information that the director for the music video is Sophie Miller, a British music video director who had worked on various music videos and has worked with Stefani over the years, also directing some music videos in Stefani's band, No Doubt[8][9].

The footage contains Stefani and her dance troupe, the Harajuku Girls, dancing in various locations in different various outfits, a nod to classic '80s dance, and Stefani is seen wearing a red hoodie and sweatpants, and the Harajuku Girls, wearing various colors of tank-tops and camisoles.

Not much is known about the music video, let alone the reason why it got unreleased. As of 2022, no other footage had been shared online and had resurfaced. Some photographs from the shoot have recently been recovered from a Flickr account by LMW user Weeze94[10].


A low-quality leaked 1-minute and ONLY available footage for the music video.

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