Sesame Street Mecha Builders (partially found test pilot of Cartoonito CGI-animated spin-off series; 2020)

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Mecha Builders Pilot screenshot.png

A screenshot from the pilot.

Status: Partially Found

Sesame Street Mecha Builders is a spinoff series of Sesame Street that airs on Cartoonito. The series is about mecha versions of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby solving problems they find by using their tools and teamwork. 2 years before the series premiered, a test pilot was produced in 2020.


In October 2019, when the Deal with Sesame Workshop and HBO Max was announced, New Programming including Sesame Street: Mecha Builders was announced but wasn't in production yet. [1]

In May 2020, Sesame Street: Mecha Builders began production but during that time, Quarantine was happening so the producers had to come up with ideas of how they could communicate ideas. [2] During the same time, a test pilot was produced with a mecha version of Cookie Monster in a city.

2 years later in April 2022, an episode premiered on YouTube, and a few days later in May, the series would premiere on Cartoonito and would get added to HBO Max.


  • The display in the middle of Mecha Cookie Monster's body displays lines going behind the cookie and the cookie spinning instead of a static image of a cookie when he turns giant.
  • Mecha Cookie's Monster's body has black lines going through instead of the thin lines we see in the final series.
  • The city and sky go for a more realistic look.


In 2021, the same clip was posted in two sources, the longer version was posted in a video but the source is unknown for now. A shorter version of the same clip was posted in a Cartoon Network Sizzle Reel called "Redraw Your World."



Footage shown in a Cartoon Network Sizzle Reel. Footage at 1:56-1:58.

A 10-second clip of the test pilot. Original video source is unknown.