Sew, Sew, Suck Your Toe (lost unreleased songs from Grace and Gwyn album; 2000s)

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Album cover of Sew Sew, Suck Your Toe, the only known album with songs by Grace and Gwyn on it.

Status: Lost

Grace and Gwyn is an indie rock duo[1]. Little is available about them online except for their involvement in a split album with lo-fi indie group Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin[2] called Sew Sew, Suck Your Toe.[3] While the five songs by Yeltsin have surfaced online, the three songs by Grace and Gwyn are not accessible.

No other songs by Grace and Gwyn are available online either. (If their Discogs profile is complete, there are no other recorded songs by them.)

It wasn't until August 17th, 2016, when LMW user Katieinthecoconut researched the band and found a local news article from 2004 that says the band member names are Grace Bentley and Gwyn Knauer.[4] As of 2010, Grace had married Philip Dickey from the band, and Gwyn Knauer is vocalist Will Knauer's sister. Both have been located on social media. This confirms Grace and Gwyn's existence, although the tracks themselves have not yet surfaced. By finding the duo, it is possible that not only the missing EP tracks will soon surface, but questions could also be asked about other possible releases, as it appears from another source that Grace performed solo for a time in the mid-2000s locally as well.