Shiden (lost English dub of anime pilot; 2007)

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Series title card.

Status: Lost

Shiden is a cancelled anime series by Jin Production, Abrams Gentile Entertainment, and Crash Media. Envisioned as a 26-episode show about car racing, it was originally announced in May 2004.[1] Over the following three years, the Japan-US co-production was showcased at various trade shows and in anime magazines in the hopes of landing funding.

The series was created by Kimio Ikeda, who had previously worked on Speed Racer/Mach GoGoGo, as his way of bringing that style of show to younger generations. The project ultimately fizzled due to his untimely death in May 2007.[2]

Prior to his passing, a complete episode of Shiden was produced as a pilot in both English and Japanese.[3] This was considered to be lost media until September 2015, when Anime News Network's Justin Sevakis uploaded a raw Japanese version of the pilot procured from a former Crash Media employee onto YouTube. It is the only animation related to the series to have surfaced. No footage or audio from the English dub has been seen.


The pilot episode in Japanese.


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