Silent Hill: Cold Heart (lost rejected pitch from horror game; 2007)

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Provisional cover art used in the pitch

Status: Lost

Silent Hill: Cold Heart was a pitch for a new Silent Hill game to be released for the Wii in 2007, to be developed by Climax and published by Konami. The game was to center around an emotionally unstable college student called Jessica Chambers. Struggling with nightmares and insomnia, she started speaking to a psychiatrist, shortly after decides to visit her parents to clear her head. Lost in a blizzard, she follows an ambulance that brings her to the town of Silent Hill. The game would have had a particular emphasis on demonstrating the Wii's motion controls (typical of an early Wii title). The title boasted a complex character building system, where an in-depth psychological profile would be built from the player's experiences in the game. This psychological profile would go on to influence later events within the game, a rather ambitious concept for an early Wii title. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection would be used to report real-word weather, and news, for dramatic effect during gameplay.

In 2014, the pitch document, a booklet consisting of 7 pages, was leaked online, from which all of this page was sourced. While the pitch was never picked up, the pitch contained a notably in-depth walkthrough for a level within the game, called "The Lake", suggesting that a build for this level could have existed, though is unlikely to ever resurface. It could be said that Climax overestimated the technology of the Wii, proposing unrealistic mechanics which the hardware, or, granted, the dev team, was simply not up to realizing. This may have contributed to its disappearance. While the game in this form never came to fruition, the game ultimately released as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, with a few aspects borrowed from the rejected pitch.

Pitch document

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