Silent Hill (partially found graphic novel adaptation of PlayStation horror game; 1999)

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The front cover of Silent Hill.

Status: Partially Found

Silent Hill is a 1999 survival horror game developed by Konami for the PlayStation. The game was successful enough to receive sequels, a prequel, and various tie-in media. A 70-page graphic novel adaptation was set to be released in November 1999, and even received an ISBN code (978-1903286005). The comic was written by Jon Murphy and penciled by Neil Googe. Despite being finished and getting advertised in a product catalog, the comic was never released.[1]


On his DeviantArt account, Googe posted a picture of the comic while the description of the post goes into the history behind his involvement with it.

"ok... this stuff has never been seen... with good reason looking back on it ;)

i brief starting of com.x

just before we started com.x, the two guys i ended up starting it with owned a design company who did work for konami. i applied for a job as a designer wanting to move away from comics (i was at 2000ad at the time)

i didnt get the job but about 3 weeks later i was told they would employ me for 6 months as they'd secured the rights to do a silent hill full color graphic novel.

i had six months to do a 70 page full color OGN... which i jumped at the chance.

it never saw the light of day... even though i finished the whole thing.

at the end of the six months we decided to start com.x

anyway about the graphic novel... i was a little too ambitious, i'd never colored anything at that point... actually at that point i didn't even know how to send e mails which shows how mac illiterate i was... and i also wanted to try a new approach... some of it worked, some of it failed miserably

the plan was to draw and color all panels separately, then layout the spreads like a designer would lay out assets.... this approach would work really well if i'd planned a little more in the beginning... but i just started drawing panels one after the other only to have real troubles fitting them on their pages later... if i'd planned it like i now do a comic and approached it in the same way i really think i could have done some amazing work... so its a technique i will use again at a later date... i just think in these early days i did the typical thing of getting carried away with photoshop as its all so exciting... rookie mistake... and its made this a mess."[2]

During 2021, a Lost Media Wiki user had managed to get into contact with Googe who revealed that the comic was originally stored on a CD and states that the comic is lost due to the CD's having disappeared. He states the comic was cancelled due to a conflict with Konami and it's European branch although he stated he was only given a basic summary by his cilent. He also revealed that the comic was going to be published as part of a special edition of Silent Hill 2 as well as having a standalone release.[3]

Remaining Pages

Despite the comic not being released, some snippets of the final product have been posted on the internet. The Silent Hill fansite Silent Hill Memories contains the most content from the comic on the internet and the European product catalog that originally revealed the comic to the public.

The found scenes are shown to be directly based on moments in the Silent Hill video game, such as the scene where protagonist Harry Mason is almost shot by supporting character Michael Kaufmann.


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