Silver Circle (found animated thriller film; 2013)

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The film's poster.

Status: Found

Date found: 29 Nov 2021

Found by: flashfire42

Silver Circle is an animated thriller film that was given a limited released on March 22, 2013.


The film follows a group of rebels lead by Zoe Taylor, a fascinating woman (played by Philana Mia). The Rebels outmaneuver the repressive Federal Reserve while constructing a guerilla currency based on silver under Zoe's leadership. Following a HousStab (Department of Housing Stability) demonstration in which one of the Rebels is killed, Zoe confronts Jay Nelson (De'Lon Grant), a straight-laced federal agent. While helplessly falling in love with the obnoxious and attractive rebel commander, he begins to doubt his own devotion to the Fed. Finally, Jay must choose between remaining loyal to the Fed and joining forces with Zoe and the rebels to launch a massive counter-offensive against tyranny.[1]


The film was given an extremely limited release and was harshly criticized for its harsh stance on Libertarianism and subpar animation quality. Ironically, the film grossed $4,080 worldwide from an estimated budget of $1,600,000, leading the cast and crew into an economic dystopia as well.[2]


Silver Circle Coin that could be purchased.

The promotional campaign for Silver Circle had a seemingly massive vision in mind that was unfortunately never fulfilled, the filmmakers partnered with boutique distribution company Area 23a, and had arranged for about 30 special-event screenings. Many of which were sponsored by gold and silver bullion dealers, in addition to right-leaning political groups.

Web Comic

In addition, the official website for the movie,, hosted a Web Comic loosely based on the plot of the film that was announced in a panel at Comic-Con New York in 2013; it is only available from external sources as of 2021.

The comic pages.

Ron Paul Endorsement

In 2012, Silver Circle received a large amount of endorsement from former United States Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul. At the time, Paul had an extremely adamant stance about the collapse and economic depravity of the United States economy. This was an understandable concern, as the 2008 recession had blazed a trail that was still burning.[3]

Furthermore, Paul used the allegory of a "Silver Circle" to describe inflation and the ethics of having a competing currency which was met with a degree of uncertainty.

"I am very excited about Silver Circle, which helps spreads the message of liberty and sound money via an exciting tale of a future where the Federal Reserve has killed the dollar, the U.S. economy has collapsed and the federal government has slid into complete authoritarianism. Using popular culture to spread our message is key to the long-term victory of our revolution, movies like Silver Circle enable us to reach audiences who otherwise might not be exposed to ideas of liberty."

Ron Paul discussing the silver circle.


Silver Circle released on a plethora of different platforms after its release in theaters; all of which are defunct, including its most recent streaming debut in 2017 on Amazon Prime. As of 2021, there is no official method to watch Silver Circle.

On November 29th, 2021, LMW user flashfire42 uploaded a copy of the film to MEGA in full now making the film available to the public once again.


The film's trailer.

Fundraiser for Silver Circle.

Review of the film.

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