SimMars (lost build of cancelled strategy/simulation game; 2000)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

SimMars is a cancelled strategy/simulation game by the creators of SimCity and The Sims series, Maxis.

Gameplay and Premise

The gameplay consisted of colonization of a small area of a virtual Mars as part of a manned mission. The gameplay happened in a full 3D environment, unlike SimCity titles of that time.[1]

An arcade machine by the same name appeared in an expansion pack for The Sims called The Sims: Vacation. The description of the item read:

"Direct mankind’s first mission to the red planet! Launch rockets and deploy robot probes! Deploy teams to search for alien resources! Establish and run a network of specialized colonies to create a self-sufficient civilization! Provide your colony with food, shelter, and power! Fast, furious, adrenaline-pumping action!"

This may or may not have been the actual premise of the game.


Development of the game was presumably stopped because Maxis wanted to focus more on their surprisingly successful The Sims series.

An unofficial modification, made by fans for SimCity 4 also exists, but it is not connected to this official game at all. Most screenshots one can find online are of this modification.

No full screenshots of the game exist, but a trailer can be found on some SimCity 3000 CDs. There was also a website of the game at but it's not reachable any more. However, it is archived on the Wayback Machine. Some information of the game can however be found on IGN in form of an article and database entry about the game.[2][3]


Trailer found on the SimCity 3000 CD.

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