Sin Dejar Rastros (lost Argentinian animated film; 1918)

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Sin dejar rastros.jpg

The only surviving still from the film.

Status: Lost

Sin dejar rastros (Spanish for "Without a Trace") is a 1918 silent animated feature film by Quirino Cristiani. This followed his earlier release, El Apóstol.


The film is about the German commander Baron von Luxburg sinking an Argentine Ship, intending to frame the Entente.


This film wasn't as successful El Apóstol and was confiscated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship in Argentina by the order of Hipolito Yrigoyen, the president at the time (and subject of two of Cristiani's other two lost animated feature films).

There is very little information on the film, and it is currently unknown if any copies of it exist. All that is known to survive is a poster featuring a still frame from the film.

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