Small Shots (partially found TNN reality show; 2001-2003)

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Logo for the series; taken from the intro.

Status: Partially Found

Small Shots is a short-lived American comedy reality show created by filmmakers Chris Cox and Matt Sloan[1] that aired on The National Network (eventually rebranded and known by most as "Spike TV", and eventually rebranding again to its current rebrand, "Paramount Network") from August 2001 up until March 2003, with a total span of 13 episodes across two aired seasons[2] .


The show follows both Cox and Sloan as they roam and venture around various small suburban towns across the United States on casting various locals and passersby (either by auditions or recruiting off the street) to make a parody based on classic and notable movies, with episodes like "Silence of the Yams", "The Amish Matrix", and "Jurassic Dog Park", on where these episodes are directly spoofing based on the films "Silence of the Lambs", "The Matrix", and "Jurassic Park".[3][4][5][6][1]


The first season started airing on TNN on August 22nd, 2001, with the first episode entitled "Silence of the Yams"[7][2] and ended two months later on October 28th, 2001, with the episode entitled "The 2 Commandments".[2], spanning 9 episodes in total.

The second season of the series would air on July 3rd, 2002, with the episode "Manic Depressive Superman", and ended on March 14th, 2003, with the episode "Teen Kong", spanning for 4 episodes.[2]


After its airing on TNN, it was quickly forgotten among people and since hadn't had an official physical release. As of 2022, there are no current episodes from both seasons that can be found online, and there are hardly any photos of the series online as well. Fortunately, a promo and an intro for the series had resurfaced and can be watched online on various video-sharing sites and are the only existing footage of this series.

Season 1

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Silence of the Yams August 22, 2001 Lost
2 Non-Violent Gladiator August 29, 2001 Lost
3 Jurassic Dog Park September 5, 2001 Lost
4 Cast Away 2: Looking For Love September 12, 2001 Lost
5 Charlie's Middle-Aged Angels September 19, 2001 Lost
6 The Amish Matrix September 26, 2001 Lost
7 The Great Great Godfather October 11, 2001 Lost
8 Video Fugitive October 21, 2001 Lost
9 The 2 Commandments October 28, 2001 Lost

Season 2

# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Manic Depressive Superman July 3, 2002 Lost
2 Blind Durham December 4, 2002 Lost
3 Ferris Bueller's 10,000th Day Off February 8, 2003 Lost
4 Teen Kong March 14, 2003 Lost


Promo for the series.
Intro for the series.

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