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Topmain.jpg's logo and slogan from 2002-2006.

Status: Partially Lost

Smosh is a sketch comedy team (formerly a duo) founded by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox in 2002. Originally, Smosh was just a forum site for Anthony and his friends to hang out after school, though in 2003 the site received a Flash animation section where users can submit their Flash animations on the website. Most of these animations were made by Anthony's school friends, online friends, and Anthony himself. Some of those animations were uploaded onto Newgrounds and YouTube, though most of them were website exclusives. In 2006, the Flash animation section was removed because of a hard drive crash,[1] making these shorts lost. As of 2022, most of the animated shorts were uploaded onto YouTube, with the exception of four shorts. These were Kill Anthony, Anthony's Long-Lost Animation, Persia Destroyed Remastered, and Zoloft.

Availability[edit | edit source]

After the removal of the Flash animation section, some fans didn't know about the animations until they discovered the Smosh Newgrounds accounts belonging to Anthony and Ian which had the shorts Day of Revenge, Die Smoshing Ep.1, Wheelchair Boy, Life's Lessons 1-5, The Dump, Sierra Pist, Elderly Driving Mayhem!, and "Rejected" Spoof, allowing others to release these shorts on YouTube.

On August 19th, 2008, an anonymous user released the short Die Smoshing to the pornographic Flash Animation site "Swf-Chan". The upload would be left unknown to many due to the unknown nature of the website at the time.

On June 7th, 2009, YouTuber UnknownThingzorz uploaded the short Day of Revenge to YouTube.

On September 3rd, 2010, Anthony Padilla would release a previously unreleased 2002 short which was never released on the website. This would be released on the Smosh website. According to him, he had found the short on his aforementioned hard drive. Although the hard drive had crashed, he was able to save the file of the short.

On December 28th, 2011, YouTube user Hypernova would release the short Life's Lessons 1-5 to YouTube.

In 2012, the aforementioned 2002 short would be removed from the Smosh website for unknown reasons. The same year, the short Die Smoshing would be removed from Newgrounds due to its inappropriate content.

In 2016 the short Day of Revenge would be removed from Newgrounds by the Newgrounds Moderation Team because the short included the songs sinner and bodies by the band Drowning Pool and due to copyright issues on Newgrounds some shorts by other users with copyright music were removed.

In 2020, YouTuber Kebab_Hill would release the shorts Cops and Wheelchair Boy on YouTube. These shorts were exclusives and Newgrounds uploads. YouTube user Black space would rip the original upload of Die Smoshing from swf-chan and release it on YouTube, also finding a forum regarding the production of the short[2].

In 2022, YouTube user JPr Koxeilas would find 10 shorts from an archive of the Smosh website from the Wayback Machine, though the Kill Anthony short remains partially found since the short wasn't archived, only available as images. [3]

As of now, most of the animated shorts were uploaded onto YouTube, with the exception of four shorts. These were Kill Anthony, Anthony's Long-Lost Animation, Persia Destroyed Remastered, and Zoloft.

Lost shorts[edit | edit source]

Smosh shorts[edit | edit source]

# Episode Status
1 Anthony's Long Lost Animation[4] Lost
2 Cops[5] Found
3 Sierra Pist[6] Found
4 The Most Boring Day Ever[7] Found
5 Wheelchair Boy[8] Found
6 Life's Lessons 1-5[9] Found
7 The Dump[10] Found
8 Smosh Skater[11] Found
9 Brains [12] Found
10 Stick Fighters For Dummies[13] Found
11 I'm Feeling Happy[14] Found
12 Elderly Driving Mayhem![15] Found
13 Rejected Spoof[16] Found
14 Day Of Revenge[17] Found
15 Die Smoshing Ep.1[18] Found
16 Persia Destroyed Remastered[19] Lost

Mr Pink shorts[edit | edit source]

# Short Status
1 Mojo: The Bare-Assed Monkey[20] Found
2 Cheese[21] Found
3 Granny[22] Found
4 Kill Anthony[23] Partially Found
5 Brothers[24] Found

Lavagasm Shorts[edit | edit source]

# Short Status
1 Samegame Ep.1[25] Found
2 Almost Random[26] Lost
3 FRGV[27] Lost
4 FRG VI[28] Lost
5 Zoloft[29] Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Video[edit | edit source]

A video by Anthony in which he spent a day with several famous YouTube animators, referencing his time making animations.

Images[edit | edit source]

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