SomeOrdinaryGamers (partially lost "Haunted Gaming" videos series; 2012-2017)

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An image of Mutahar from one of his Haunted Gaming Let’s Plays.

Status: Partially Lost

SomeOrdinaryGamers is a YouTube channel beginning in 2012 ran by Mutahar Anas and continuing to this day. While nowadays Mutahar is more known for his coverage of online drama, for the first six years of the channel’s existence he focused on reading Creepypasta in a series called Haunted Gaming. In 2017 he mass wiped his channel of most Haunted Gaming uploads, moving them to a side channel known as SomeOrdinaryArchives. However, there are still many videos that cannot be found on this channel.

Haunted Gaming

In March 2012, Mutahar uploaded his first video in the Haunted Gaming series, a reading of the Creepypasta “Pokémon: Creepy Black”. This series would take off far more compared to his other series, Nostalgic Gaming, leading him to continue it for the next six years. Over this time he produced hundreds of videos, often amassing around 500k views each.

However, on August 2nd, 2017, Mutahar announced that he had grown tired of reading Creepypasta and the direction the channel was going, along with being harassed and hit with false copyright strikes by the authors of the stories he had read. Therefore he was planning to delete all of the Haunted Gaming videos from his channel and “start over”[1], but not before creating a new side channel made to preserve these videos known as SomeOrdinaryArchives and over the period of August 4th, 2017 to September 15th, 2017, moving over 200 videos onto it. Even though this channel is official and holds many of the series’ videos, the re-uploads become increasingly spotty when it came to more recent videos, eventually stopping altogether with "Mankind"

As a result, third parties started their own search efforts to find the remaining episodes. Early archival efforts were primarily led by two YouTube channels, Dawn of SCP and Skelodevil601. The former of which focused on re-uploading videos preserved via the Wayback Machine. The latter appears to have possessed various audio recordings and thumbnails from episodes. However, he went one step further and created his own visuals for episodes in the style of the original videos. These mock-ups were very accurate to the source material and unfortunately were not labeled as such in some cases, this led to some confusion as to which episodes were fully found.

On 05/06/2023 Skelodevil601 deleted all his re-uploads and expressed that he does not want to be contacted about Haunted Gaming in the future. The videos, have been preserved and are readily available on the Internet Archive[2].  

Another person who has contributed to the search was Reddit user NecessaryGlitch, who had downloaded the episodes back when they were available in order to listen to them as audiobooks. These episodes were audio-only and had the intros and analysis portions removed. They have provided these recordings on request and many episodes are available thanks to their collection[3]. Most recent major find was the discovery and re-uploading of 9 formerly lost episodes by the YouTube user IQUnder30 on 09/04/2023.

List of Lost Videos

Since a complete list of episodes did not exist up to this point, a spreadsheet[4] of all videos from the series has been compiled by referencing YouTube’s defunct cross-posting feature.

Based on this list, the following videos were not re-uploaded by Mutahar and therefore can be considered lost.

Video Name Original Video ID Upload Date Status Notes
Unknown Video 00jaVsD4BjE Unknown Lost Title unknown, released between Team Fortress 2 and Hotel Mario: The 13th Hotel.[5]
Unknown Video #2 r9DSoZipWq0 Unknown Lost Title unknown, released between Easter Egg: Snow on Mt. Silver and The Yellow Devil (CREEPYPASTA)[6]
Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Glitchy Red (CREEPYPASTA) IXpLmAMi3pk 09/08/12 Found
Haunted Gaming - Luigi's Mansion (CREEPYPASTA) MkkAOvofigo 09/22/12 Partially Lost The visuals are not from the original video.
Creepypastas - Squidward's Suicide MQh4xlNl1IA 10/26/12 Found
Haunted Gaming - MARIO (CREEPYPASTA) ZqX3bLwDb74 01/05/13 Found
Haunted Gaming - Tails Abuse (CREEPYPASTA) QT9_9hnTIhc 01/16/13 Found
Haunted Gaming - Pokemon Obsidian Black (CREEPYPASTA) z9k9wyiImhU 03/02/13 Found
Haunted Gaming - Mario Kart 64: Driven (CREEPYPASTA) K2lybr4LJdM 03/30/13 Found
RITUALPASTAS - Dark Reflection Ritual dy2SYXQz7IU 05/15/14 Found
Creepytheorypastas - The Bowser and King Boo Theory UpR5URq5UcM 07/03/14 Lost
Haunted Gaming (18+) - "Metroid: Mother?" (CREEPYPASTA) 8hqFl3G26IU 09/24/14 Partially Lost Audio only, analysis of the creepypasta at the end is missing.
Creepy/Theorypastas - "Attrition of War" fRGt5s7Tv8E 10/08/14 Lost
Ritualpastas - "Channel Infinity" wrz6VMC9aEg 24/11/14 Found
LOST EPISODES - "The Black Friday Incident" vWElGQsdYxs 12/17/14 Found Found reuploaded on Dailymotion by a bot[7]
Creepypastas - "1999" YCWSwYpPWuU 12/26/14 Found According to comments on the reupload there was more than one version of this video, currently unverified.[8]
Ritualpastas - "Sanguine of Woe" dKwCmeRfFOk 02/25/15 Found
Creepy SCP's - SCP-087 eEXIDrw8RVE 04/15/15 Lost
LOST EPISODES - "Plankton Got Served" zBhEQ9uU59s 04/25/15 Partially Lost Audio Only.
RITUALPASTAS - "The Staircase Game" QuO8lXdDjXc 05/02/15 Found
11 Miles fpTE9MJoV-Y 05/06/15 Found
RITUALPASTAS - The Devil Game 5gh2E_NprOY 05/16/15 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
A Very Creepy Phone Call... UAmDmdBPU3U 05/23/15 Partially Lost
RITUALPASTAS - Three Kings Ritual Wf3pJ5WdOAU 06/13/15 Found
LOST EPISODES - Tom And Jerry VHS! 68aX1x4J6u8 06/27/15 Found
RITUALPASTAS - Hell.EXE lpEDWAiZXRs 07/11/15 Partially Lost Audio only, analysis missing.
LOST EPISODES - "Superman Lost Episode" Z5rnRP9fPqw 07/15/15 Found
The Otherside Ritual... P4EOYGRFhiY 08/08/15 Found
Haunted Gaming - "Metroid 2: Secret Worlds" (CREEPYPASTA) o5t_3U30_uI 08/12/15 Partially Lost Audio only, analysis missing.
The Stolen Laptop... (18+) 8VLV5tlz_O0 08/26/15 Found
Haunted Gaming - "Nightmare Fuel: Survive?" T9pF_hhuozE 09/05/15 Found
Haunted Gaming - "Haunted Akinator" (CREEPYPASTAS) M65c8QouS_4 09/19/15 Lost
"The Soul Transfer Ritual" - RITUALPASTAS ZZvUP5i_A9U 10/14/15 Found
"The Scorpion Ritual" (RITUALPASTAS) IuRHSZHzWn0 11/18/15 Found
Godzilla 1971 Uncut Footage (LOST EPISODES) q_Fh_JB1DTg 11/21/15 Lost
"11/14/1997" - Haunted Gaming THEORYPASTAS XwxKe80gG3Y 12/05/15 Partially Lost Audio only, found posted on the SOG wiki blog[9]
"The Stranger Ritual" (RITUALPASTAS) iuYBsdkwzNw 01/06/16 Found
"Janice.JPG" bqxvj1-HiSc 01/13/16 Partially Lost The visuals are not from the original video.
"Disney's Catacombs" 6j5fUmL3Qu0 01/16/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Tulpa" 1UPax69J-rg 01/20/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Escape from Merrywood" UN2E3gj5RVE 01/23/16 Lost
"Tomino's Hell" (Ritualpastas) 1KQDBuKs1Co 02/13/16 Found
Episode 11 (LOST EPISODES) T8RkXjaFfmc 02/20/16 Partially Lost Audio Only
"Ed Edd n Eddy: The Game" VtFrjkBt4ns 03/02/16 Found
"Tiger-Heli" (THEORYPASTA) mV745Bgt2Cs 03/12/16 Found
"The Fuik Incident" E-M9DFdQXkY 03/16/16 Lost Video was removed very quickly after upload.
"Robert the Doll" Erinh9xHqpA 03/30/16 Lost
"How to Speak to The Dead" (RITUALPASTAS) G53xxq8zCqw 04/10/16 Lost
"Like A Virus" LthgkvFzzBg 04/27/16 Partially Lost Audio only
"Kagome, Kagome" v7A-0Y6mMnE 05/22/16 Lost
"A Series of Short Films" c6m4CHujj9o 05/29/16 Lost
"Dusty's Radio Show" -1yRgLSeetY 06/01/16 Found
"Blind Man's Bluff" (RITUALPASTAS) zPE-F6s7ZaA 06/05/16 Lost
Predictive Illuminati Card Game VRbqj3jg6PQ 06/12/16 Lost
"Agamemnon Counterpart" PYKgOQWofJQ 06/15/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"LSD Dream Emulator" (Haunted Gaming) S9wQ2DzqNgk 06/19/16 Lost
"Happy Puppet Syndrome" f78vudeU8SU 06/22/16 Partially Lost The visuals are not from the original video.
"Channel One" 5hyMhCbbz8s 06/26/16 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
"The Grifter" 9xWYY6kNzt4 06/30/16 Lost
"Why You Can't Talk to the Dead" O5vDMlm_nfc 07/03/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Battery Ditto" WYwSnaZclUM 07/07/16 Lost
Southern TV "VRILLION" Incident _w-CB-3wDmM 07/10/16 Lost
The Cursed Key Ritual Q1ag1IiD3M8 07/16/16 Lost
"The Deletion Scream" BbyIAaVzSmQ 07/24/16 Lost
"Ratman" an0v-E7Mw6o 07/28/16 Lost
"Fallout 4: Revenge is Sweet" Il1Jn4mRjV4 08/03/16 Found
"Hyper-Cola" wPXgdDfr66M 08/07/16 Lost
"Doom: Final Secret" UiAm9-O7x_s 08/10/16 Lost
Pac-m̬̦̩̹̌͢a̪͓̮̼͍̗͑̿ͫn̛̥͈ͅ pAyJnw-uaYI 08/13/16 Lost
"Buyer Beware" as7wWPNAhG0 08/18/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Mortis" TKtC557aam0 08/20/16 Found
"Blood Freezing Experiment" zAXS4Auw2VU 08/25/16 Lost
"The Zombie Extrapolation" CPAiLIUc2xM 09/01/16 Lost
"Staring" FEL0l-1nqRE 09/04/16 Lost
"Shadowrun SNES Hidden Feature" _lXJYpo_qOU 09/07/16 Found
"The Channel" 6a_WVfnMrhE 09/11/16 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Documented Insanity" fc03sN-8Bbk 09/18/16 Lost
"The Ouija Board Experience" W3k6vzGK-Bk 09/22/16 Lost
"Mapimi Silent Zone" 8eFtTd8jAhQ 09/28/16 Lost
"Super Mario 128" t0_MZkxF6qU 10/01/16 Found
"Lumiose City Crisis" II0EAP2RKMw 10/06/16 Lost
Clown in the Window E3ETeLzuAYE 10/09/16 Lost
"Red Moon" 9j-DqSE3NYA 10/16/16 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
Australian Mayday TV Incident MrmAw6eHEGo 10/23/16 Lost
"Milla's Children" kK9KiHSimiI 10/27/16 Lost
"The Correctional Society" p2jHKcdE5as 10/29/16 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
"The True Story of The Theater" c8g_5p7Xx8U 11/05/16 Lost
"Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka" fL3sOSwdsX0 11/17/16 Lost
Dark Souls Glitch - "Demonhead" A6Ml-6JecwM 11/24/16 Lost
"Do NOT save in Lumiose City" M7f36RRub5o 11/30/16 Found
"Man In the Fields" RITUAL! UwBoTmTNZc4 12/15/16 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
"Pokémon GO is not what you think" _LVbm39A3Zs 12/21/16 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
"The Creepy Children of Warcraft" X5FFGDoQ5Cs 12/28/16 Lost
"Something Wrong with my VR Gear" 3ri696EjBpo 01/04/17 Partially Lost Audio Only, analysis missing.
"The Romanian Knowledge Experiment" 5XaELMduyWA 01/08/17 Lost
"Looking for an Old Game" Kel9Di5qI_Y 01/11/17 Lost
"Apple Maps" l3mUpyIvoio 01/18/17 Found
The Ozark Cable Incident k4_d49K3QZE 01/25/17 Lost
"The Deep Web Box Game" UWwnGLiQuRI 02/15/17 Found
"Zelda 64 BETA" fr6s3XKluy8 03/01/17 Lost
"The 3 AM Myth" uPZevtWL7hE 03/08/17 Found
"Blind Maiden Website" QzSvy5XyK4I 03/16/17 Lost
"12:19" zVhgMyj5w48 03/22/17 Found
"The TV-Note Video" B3w6kNXHYuw 03/31/17 Lost
"The Ganzfeld Attempt" Zt06l-90y2E 04/15/17 Found
"Kirby Road" EDHOQa5trFM 04/29/17 Found
"The Underground of Pokémon" q8xtwFu7SS0 05/12/17 Found
"The Choice Game" (Rituals) AOoTtUulSA0 06/03/17 Lost
"So, Facebook Live Got an Update." rnu9reav5Wk 06/11/17 Found
"The Basement" OShP_SfX2wA 06/24/17 Partially Lost Audio Only.
"Radio Silence" cSSkuk0T3wY 07/01/17 Found
"Pokemon Go Graveyard" q57jJzWc0aA 07/08/17 Lost
"Always Put Duct Tape Over Your Webcam" 33ad2JN12Ws 07/22/17 Found
"The Secret NES Game: Ladder to Oblivion" VO7KIBw3d_s 07/29/17 Found
Unknown Video #3 SQv_ML8fHOE Unknown Lost Title Unknown.