Space Alien Pipi (partially found live-action/anime series; 1965-1966)

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Space Alien Pipi LP 3.jpg

LP vinyl record for the show (1/3).

Status: Partially Found

Space Alien Pipi (宇宙人ピピ Uchujin Pipi) is a 1965 live-action/anime series created by Sayoko Komatsu and Kazumasa Hirai that starred Meiko Nakamura, Shigeru Annaka, and Fumie Hōjō. The series aired on NHK in Japan on Thursdays from April 8, 1965 to March 31, 1966 for 52 episodes.


The series is about an alien who is the size of a thumb named Pipi (Meiko Nakamura) who befriends a boy named Toshihiko (Shigeru Annaka) and his sister, Ryoko (Fumie Hōjō). As Pipi comes from a planet more advanced than Earth, he has many devices in his little flying saucer.


The series faded into obscurity after its initial airing, and the majority of the series is lost. Only two episodes of the series, #37 and #38, and a script for the 34th episode are known to exist.


The opening to the show.
The first half of episode 37.
The second half of episode 37.
The first half of episode 38.
The second half of episode 38.