Spider-Man 4 (unreleased video game based on cancelled Marvel film; 2010)

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Spider-Man 4 Poster.jpg

The teaser poster for the cancelled movie.

Status: Lost

Spider-Man 4 was the name of both a cancelled fourth entry in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy and a cancelled video game created to coincide with the movie's release. Tobey Maguire would have most likely returned for the role as Spider-Man and Peter Parker for both the movie and the video game considering the fact that he was in the previous games.


The game would have featured an open world hub based on New York City for players to swing around. The Daily Bugle building would have also been present in the game however it is unknown if it would have been a level or used for cutscenes. The game would have possibly featured crimes and collectibles in the New York hub, with evidence of this is with the minimap and the fact that previous games both based on movies and original games featured collectibles and side-missions as bonuses.


The movie was cancelled due to the fact that Sam Raimi did not think that he could make the film in time for summer while making sure that it was still creative.[1] Because of the fact that the game was based on the movie, it was cancelled. According to Wayne Dalton, elements of the game were recycled into the game Prototype 2. This also tells us that the studio behind the game was Radical Entertainment. He has also stated that there is no video footage of the game.[2] To this day, there is only limited information and 29 in-game screenshots online. Even if a new Spider-Man 4 film and game are created, it most likely would not be this version.


New York

The Daily Bugle