Spikey Joe's Truck (found Australian short film; 2001)

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The short's title

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Oct 2015

Found by: Captain Giratina

Spikey Joe's Truck is a 2001 Australian short film that was only briefly shown at film festivals.[1][2]


Spikey Joe's Truck makes a satirical comment on human nature and small-town life. The film depicts a situation where Spikey Joe, the owner of a local garage, is having trouble with his truck. There are a series of comical incidents as Spikey attempts to start his truck, with some unhelpful advice from another old-timer, Raymond. Just when Spikey thinks things are under control, disaster strikes.

Known Showdates

  • The Commonwealth Film Festival in Manchester, UK.
  • Tassie Tales and Tartan Shorts Film Festival 2001, in conjunction with the Ten Days on the Island Festival.
  • The 2001 Melbourne International Animation Festival.
  • The 2002 St Kilda Film Festival.


On March 23rd, 2012, YouTube user "npzman" uploaded a two-minute video clip of Spikey Joe's Truck. In contrast, many varying reports confirm that the actual runtime of Spikey Joe's Truck is approximately seven minutes. Regardless, this is the only known footage of Spikey Joe's Truck.[3]

On October 11th, 2015, the entire short was found and uploaded to YouTube, unlisted, by Captain Giratina.


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