Spongebob "The Secret Box/Opposite Day/Silverstein Concert" fandub (partially lost 24thPowerProduction parody dubs of SpongeBob episodes; 2009-2010)

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Silverstein Concert.JPG

The title screen for "The Silverstein Concert" dub (Opposite Day)

Status: Partially Lost

Now-terminated YouTuber 24thPowerProductions created fan-made voice-over dubs of the SpongeBob SquarePants episodes "Opposite Day" and "The Secret Box" in 2009 and 2010, with the latter being a bonus dub. "The Secret Box" was originally #15 in his dub series, with "Greasy Buffoons" being #17 (later renamed #16 after The Secret Box was lost) and the final one before his channel termination.


24thPowerProductions was a YouTuber who made vulgar parody dubs of SpongeBob using artificial pitch shifts for the voices. He made 17 dubs in the lifetime of his channel, and "The Secret Box" (#15) is the only one still missing from him, with "Silverstein Concert"/"Opposite Day" (#5) having been found on August 3, 2023.


24thPowerProductions' YouTube channel was terminated in late 2010 for copyright violations of using Viacom's properties in his videos, even though the dubs were Fair Use as they were merely parodies not intended to be the original episodes. His subscriber count was around the 500 mark just before termination and he had already gained 100 subscribers by the time of dub #8 (Krusty Krab Training Video, which he reveals in the opening segment of the dub).

In 2013, a YouTube user named seventy76five reuploaded every dub from the channel (albeit made the uploads unlisted) except #5 ("Silverstein Concert") and #15 ("The Secret Box").[1] The person who provided the MediaFire download links to the dubs (SAMUSX345) was unable to post #5 due to copyright restrictions with the Silverstein songs, and could not save #15 since it was taken down by Viacom by the time SAMUSX345 was downloading the dubs.

Dub #5 ("Silverstein Concert") was originally thought to be "The Secret Box" since Silverstein is referenced in the opening text screens for dubs #3 and #4 ("Graveyard Shift" and "Pizza Delivery") and is not referenced in any of the dubs afterward, but after a YouTuber named TVFan810/ToonEditor01 talked with 24thPowerProductions on Facebook, he confirmed that "Silverstein" and "Secret Box" were two different dubs and that "Silverstein Concert" was a dub of the episode "Opposite Day". He also confirmed that "The Secret Box" was originally the 15th dub in the series, but since it got taken down, he retitled the numbers in all his dubs and "Jellyfish Jam" became listed as #15 instead while "Greasy Buffoons" was relisted as #16 despite the latter two being intended as the 16th and 17th dubs in the series respectively. The blog video "Willy Talks" (originally posted on his 19thPowerProductions channel and also saved by SAMUSX345) explains that he lost "The Secret Box" (#15) since YouTube took it down and his laptop with the dubs died in a very short time span.

It was confirmed by YouTuber SuperIdiotMan00 (who was behind the seventy76five channel) that 24thPowerProductions did indeed dub the episode "The Secret Box". He remembers watching it back when 24thPower's original channel was still up, and recalls the plot involving a contest winner being trapped inside the box.[2] One commenter on the "Graveyard Shift" dub reupload recalled the following quote from dub #5:

"Some bands are lame, boring and dull but Silverstein gives me a boner."

24thPowerProductions briefly returned in 2013 and revealed his name to be Willy Burt on a comment on the "Krusty Krab Training Video" dub reupload and announced he retired dubbing to become a stand-up comedian (although this occupation too was eventually quit). Fans asked him if he still has dubs #5 or #15 saved, but Burt confirmed that he no longer has access to his old videos or the email associated with the Google account, leaving it up to someone who'd downloaded the dubs beforehand or retrieval of the videos through the Wayback Machine (although that alternative is up for questioning since the few links to the original uploads of his dubs that have been found were not archived).

A screenshot of a thread for the dubs on the Lost Media Wiki forums was shown in the "Very Rare Lost SpongeBob Media" video by LSuperSonicQ.[3] It has also been shown in several subsequent SpongeBob lost media videos by LSuperSonicQ.

Finding "Silverstein Concert"

On August 3, 2023, dub #5 was found when TVFan810/ToonEditor01 asked SAMUSX345 on Discord if he still had either of the two lost dubs, and while he never had #15 saved, he did happen to have #5 saved after all these years but was prohibited from uploading it to Mediafire due to music copyright issues, so he ended up posting the dub to Google Drive, making it finally available to the public again after 13 years of being lost. ToonEditor01 uploaded the audio of the dub to YouTube subsequently.[4]

"The Secret Box" (currently lost)

"The Secret Box" (#15) was a bonus dub in the series that 24thPowerProductions made upon holding a contest where the winner would be trapped inside the box in the dub. He posted five pictures of people and his fans had to guess which one was him. Mrkeysofkryme and Jo20042008 both guessed correctly and they were the ones trapped inside.

SAMUSX345 did not manage to save "The Secret Box" dub since it was already deleted by Viacom before he could download it. He heard Mrphillycheesesteak saved it, but he deleted it from his hard drive. However, he remembers the following quote from the dub:

“I remember it like it was golden shit. Woah.”

Supposedly, then Patrick said he was going to kill the winners later on so he basically held them hostage in the Box.

Mrkeysofkryme has been inactive for over a decade but Jo20042008 is still relatively active and has a music career as a guitarist. However, she disclosed on September 9, 2023 that she does not have the dub saved after ToonEditor01 asked her on YouTube.

LSuperSonicQ has expressed an interest in helping the dub resurface after he showed screenshots for the LMW Forums thread on it and ToonEditor01/TVFan810 asked for his help, and disclosed in a livestream that he plans on doing a dub-centric video at the beginning of 2024 and covering "The Secret Box" dub in it.

Seventy76five made an announcement video asking his subscribers if any of them have "The Secret Box" saved or know anymore leads, though nobody has responded. He then made the announcement video on his main SuperIdiotMan00 channel but has yet to receive any leads.

ToonEditor01 found a YouTube user named MazterK3vino who allegedly has the dub saved and expressed interest in finding it, but was in the process of getting his hard drive repaired and could not provide any estimation as to when he'll get it back. However, the user has been ignoring ToonEditor for over 2 months in regards to a status update on the hard drive and is unlikely to ever give an update let alone share the dub if he has it.

Thus far, all the people TVFan810/ToonEditor01 has talked to in regards to having the dub saved either had not saved it or haven't responded.