Star Fox Arcade (lost build of cancelled arcade port of GameCube rail-shooter "Star Fox: Assault"; 2002)

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An early promotonal poster shown off at the press conference featuring reused Star Fox Adventures renders for the Arwings and a tentative title.

Status: Lost

When Star Fox: Assault was announced in May 2002, an arcade port was revealed alongside it in a similar vein to F-Zero GX and AX but it was never heard of again.


A picture taken at the Nintendo and Namco featuring representatives from both companies.

On May 8, 2002, Nintendo and Namco held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, showcased Namco's upcoming GameCube and Game Boy Advance titles, and announced that the two companies would be collaborating on a new Star Fox game. The game was planned to be released on GameCube and in arcades in April of the following year. The arcade port would have used the GameCube architecture-based Triforce arcade board, co-developed by Namco, Sega, and Nintendo for easy porting of GameCube games. When asked if the arcade port would also make use of the O.R.B.S. arcade cabinet, Namco producer Shiozawa Atsushi said he "cannot confirm anything, but he`d love to make use of it.[1] O.R.B.S. would have featured a sliding cockpit, semi-spherical screen, and speaker array. Once players sat down in the cockpit, the cabinet's door would shut, completely immersing the player in the game.[2] If the port was intended for use with the O.R.B.S. cabinet, it likely lacked the GameCube version's on-foot third-person shooter segments as the cabinet was specifically designed for rail-shooters.[2] The game also likely would have featured some sort of interactivity between the arcade and GameCube versions via the use of GameCube memory cards similarly to F-Zero GX and AX.[3] Sadly, no game using the O.R.B.S. cabinet ever released due to its high price tag and the sharp decline the arcade market was facing at the time.[2]


The GameCube version would eventually release as Star Fox: Assault in 2005. The arcade version was never mentioned after the initial announcement, and a build of the game has yet to resurface.


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